Wednesday, February 6, 2013

3 Weeks & Late Weekend Re-cap

As per the life of a brand new mommy,
I have no schedule, real routine, or really know what the hell I'm doing.
I'm just doing the best I can,
with the time I have!
That said, this post was started on Monday,
and well...
I'm just finishing it now.
Our little girl is 3 weeks old!!
Some facts about you baby girl:
-You are starting to really "coo" & talk quite a bit!
-You're definitely a morning person.
[Smiley and friendly first thing in the morning.]
-We gave you your first bath {finally your cord fell off!}
and you really enjoyed it.
Such a big girl; no tears for you!
-You are starting to notice so much lately;
-You LOVE your mirrors
and lay on your activity mat and bat away at the toys.
-Your favorite binky is still the 49ers 
-However, you've taken all of your other ones too now!
-You love going for rides in the truck (faster than 35 mph)
 -0-3 months don't always fit over your head,
or button up over your chubby little legs
-3 months is fitting quite nicely!
-You take a bottle and still nurse beautifully.
-I've caught a few smiles, but none of which are on camera.
-You're holding your head up for a few moments at a time.
-We tried the K'Tan baby wrap/carrier and you LOVE it!
{Once I figured out how to get your head to not be covered}
You fall asleep within five minutes, all snuggled up in there.
-You're getting stronger and stronger each day!
We are so in love with you baby girl!
Nighttime snuggles
and lunch time cuddles
It was such a lovely weekend, since Joe had Friday-Sunday off.
We live for that first weekend each month.
I really love it now,
that Joe wakes up and takes over the 6am feeding/baby time.
Sleeping in never felt so good.
Friday his cousin Mary stopped by to spend time with baby Brooke.
We just relaxed by the fire and enjoyed the day.
I also got out and grocery shopped, all by myself, and not prego!
It was glorious.
I just walked up and down the aisles and took my time...loved it!
We had sushi for dinner and fell asleep kind of early.
Being parents of a newborn,
you tend to nod off around 8:30, if you didn't get a nap!
Saturday morning was low key,
and we mustered up some energy to go to the mall for a bit.
We are still hesitant with her being so little to go out too much, 
but man, cabin fever has hit me hard and I need to get out and about with my fam!
Sunday morning we were finally able to spend time with my in-laws,
as they're now healthy {yay!} and so we enjoyed coffee and canolis
and of course lots of cuddles with baby girl.
We had some family over to watch the big game,
{which we're really not talking about...maybe next year boys}
My sister made this delicious "Taco Ring" which I will definitely make again.
We gobbled up our Ceviche
and I certainly got a little cozy with my good old friend,
Santa Margherita Pinot Grigio.


  1. Awww you know I love the baby pictures! But it's also nice to read about her progress and that things are going so well for you and your new little family. So happy for you, Jenn :)

  2. So amazing to see that she's batting at things! It's so different from Pierce, since he came home at 3wks old but on his actual due date. Those first 6-10weeks the 3 week delay was sssoooo evident!
    She looks like she's doing so well, & like you are a natural, wonderful mommy!!

  3. Goodness! I cannot believe how much bigger she already looks! :) Brooke is soooo cute!

    Glad to hear everything is going well, Jenn! <3

  4. Oh, she is too cute for words! I like her zebra print outfit.


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