Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Are you a Bad Fish too?

Yay for Tuesday!
It's sunny.
My husband gets out of work "early" [5pm.]
My little girl is sweetly sleeping in her swing.
Life is good!
I just wanted to share a quick song that 
has been playing in our home as of late.
I had not heard it until I started listening to my 
"Jack Johnson" station on Pandora during my nursing sessions.
I listened to this station during labor
before the pushing
and I think Brooke likes the laid back tunes as I rock her to sleep. 
My husband randomly started playing it too
{he listens to Red Hot Chili Pepper station I think?}
It's funny how, when you've been with a person for five years,
you continue to find yourselves more connected each and every day.
This baby has most definitely brought us closer together,
and I'm beyond happy with the family we've become.
Anyway, this song is so catchy and has such a fun beat.
If you walk by our house,
and are creepin looking through our windows...
you'll see us bopping around with baby Brooke to this jam.
We just love dancing with our little girl,
and this song is one of our favorites.
It's quirky and odd.
The lyrics are a little wacky.
Well, so are we.
I guess.
So here's the original version:

And of course,
Jack Johnson did a re-make...
love love love
That is all.
Have a lovely day, all of you bad fish!


  1. LOVE this song! Just has a feel good vibe to it! It's awesome how a baby can bring us closer to our husbands:) and makes us just appreciate life a little more in general.

  2. i love this kinda music. Actually listening to it now at work.. I use spotify so not sure if this will come up for you on Pandora- BUT try searching for Rebelution.. if you haven't heard of them i'm sure you'll LOVE. I love it all, especially during the summer! :)

  3. Love!!!! I love Jack Johnson anyway but this is a great song!!


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