Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Girls' Night with my Girl

Our monthly girls' night has been something we all look forward to.
It was a little wacky, in December Matty was out of town
and in January, I was super prego and my friends just stopped up
at the hospital to visit Brooke and I when the time came.
So, for February, they all came here again.
Last Wednesday it was Alison's turn to 'host'.
She cooked in my kitchen,
so that this new mommy
 and newborn didn't have to travel out and about just yet.
Thank you!
Kristin brought a fun little dip:
Cream cheese
Wasabi sauce
Soy Sauce
Sesame Seeds
Rice Crackers
Matty brought a healthy salad.
Alison prepared Shrimp & Cheesy Grits
 Alison also roasted butternut squash, cranberries, & onion in the oven.
I think there was EVOO & salt/pepper...totally making that again!
{Yes, that's my baby laundry on the end of our huge table--ahhh!}
And I spent all day cleaning, then tried to get ready, and 
realized that I never estimate enough time with a baby!!
She was wide awake and demanding my attention.
 Thank goodness she loves the sound of my hairdryer?!
A little pre-girls' night fun.
CK onesie
Baby Legs Legwarmers
She was ready for her first girls' night!
But then she decided to do this the entire time...
There's always next month!! 
So...my plan was to whip up an elaborate dessert.
I didn't factor in feedings and cuddles, so it turned into
 Tastefully Simple's
paired it with a Chai latte and it was still scrumptious!
{even though I don't consider it ' real baking' this new mommy was pleased!}
{yes, I stole your pics on Instagram Kris!!}
So it was a fabulous night.
Great food.
Wonderful drinks.
Better friends.
The first picture where I told them I was pregnant {May 2012}
 And here is one now that lil miss Brooke is with us!
Next month we're in the city at Matty's!


  1. Girls nights are so important. Yours looks fabulous!

  2. Sometimes girls nights in are better than girls nights out!

  3. I love that they came to you! Everything looks awesome and so good! You are stunning mama!

  4. Love that you do this! It always looks like a blast!

  5. Your girls nights always look like so much fun! Brooke is adorable in her leggings.

  6. Your girls night looks amazing! I need something like that STAT!


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