Thursday, February 21, 2013

Post Pregnancy Workouts

Happy Thursday!
This post may come off as vain,
but I really value health.
More than ever, I want to be in the best shape of my life.
Well I do want to look good,
feel good,
but I want to keep up with this little one,
once she starts running around!!
I've got a whole lot to live for, especially now.
Tomorrow marks the 6 week mark post-partum.
I have my check up at 11:30 and I really hope I get the "all is clear" signal!
I'm soooo ready to workout {mentally}
but I'm a tad nervous physically.
I am certainly going to talk about this potential Pelvic Girdle Pain
I have experienced since about 7 months on...
but I think it's getting better?
I don't know why, but I've always been one that "cracks"
Literally, my feet, toes, ankles, shoulders, hips, knees, neck...
I just make a whole lotta noise!
It drives Joe crazy.
During pregnancy, I'm pretty certain due to the lovely hormones,
I really haven't 'cracked' much these last months...
until the last few days.
I feel like that's a great sign!
Anyway, assuming I get the "green light" tomorrow,
I really don't know where to start working out.
I walk the dogs here and there,
I do my pelvic floor exercises,
{constantly workin on those kegels}
keeping this house clean,
going up and down our stairs a million times to change B's diaper
-seriously, my legs feel great-
But my biggest problem is when I used to workout,
I was never very good at "taking it easy"
which is why I stopped doing Zumba and Jillian Michaels videos.
Do I start with Yoga again?
I did that up until 7 1/2 months pregnant.
Do I do half of a video?
Do I just workout 10 minutes a day at first?
 I know above all,
I just need to start moving.
Any suggestions from you post-baby mamas?
I cannot wait to attend a Zumba class,
I just hope I don't overdo it!
I am confident as long as I continue to eat healthy,
my milk supply will not drop
and I will get back into my normal jeans!
I have lost 38 pounds without even trying.
I have 20 left to get to a 'normal'
but of course I'd like to lose an extra 10 on top of that.
Yes, I gained that much.
My baby is healthy and that is all I care about!
My goal:
Do something every day 
and keep it logged here under my "healthy tab"
A few sites I found that may be helpful:
 I am still working on the hubs to get a treadmill for our house.
It hasn't helped that it hurts to walk, so I hope once I feel better we will get one!
 If I write out my goals, it will happen.
I'll focus on healthy eating another post,
for now, let's get moving!
Until then my plan for this upcoming week:
The links are on you tube and only 10-15 minutes long.
I think that will be best rather than trying to a long workout all at once.
{I'll stretch after each 'workout'}
As I get stronger, I'll do more each week.
I just don't want to injure myself.
Sunday: Rest
Monday: Yoga DVD
Tuesday: Hip Hop class (30 mins)
Thursday: Pilates
Walk dogs as much as I can.
It may seem lame,
but I just want to start small and work my way up.
This way there are NO excuses!
I will be doing burpees soon enough...
I want to look like this again--
 My 30th Birthday
Or even this...
Our Cruise May 2011.
I was eating a lot of salads and working out a lot!
 And of course back in July of 2010 I was in awesome shape
for our wedding.
 Look at my handsome!
 I figure my own photos are more inspirational than random strangers.
I've looked like this before,
I can look even hotter, right?!
I know it will take time
and I cannot get frustrated.
If I do?
I'll just go pick up my little girl and steal some hugs and kisses.
She was worth every extra pound.
How did you lose the baby weight???


  1. Look at you hot stuff!! I am excited to follow along and see you crush this!! You are so committed - you got this. BUT you are so right - she is soooooo worth it! :)

  2. You'll get there gorgeous!

    Hope the dr visit goes well

  3. My 6 week appointment is tomorrow also. I really need to start working out again too. I think I'm just going to start easy with cardio and light strength training. I'm ready to get back in shape for Spring and Summer!

  4. Aw look at that face!! you look great and i'm sure that last little bit will come right off!!!

  5. Gorgeous momma! You can do it! & you do have so much to love for. Your baby girl is presh!

  6. cute baby. you look great hun. if u lack will power and motivation like i do then i cant help ya. glad your joined my blog

  7. love this and saving for later! Also love your attitude about the weight gain- I don't think this post sounds vein at all.. I'm actually one that's always been a lil self conscious of how i look or my weight so the coming weight gain makes me a lil nervous. I think I just need to change my attitude about it all though :) You're one MILF already, you can do it girl!

  8. My joints crack all the time too. I hope you get good news and can start your workouts again soon!

  9. I really enjoy following your blog. I gained 60lbs with my son. I started slow with walking and watching what I ate through weight watchers (just following point system from home - no meetings). Eventually I started the Jillian Michaels DVDs and running. I lost all the weight and more. You'll definitely feel better once you get moving and you'll need the energy when she gets older :)

  10. Those cheeks! She's so precious

  11. Good for you for staying so motivated! I'm sure you will be back to the normal swing of things soon. Hope you have a good weekend :)

  12. I've never had children, and never can, BUT, there have been several times when I've stopped working out for a long period of time, and then wanted to get back into it. I think the advice would be the same for anyone: when exercising, don't go all gung-ho and try to exercise for hours and do crazy workouts! Start with some fairly easy stuff and build up your tolerance slowly. The specialists at the physical rehab center have told us that it's important for anyone to follow that advice! Good luck to you! It's not easy getting back into a routine when you've been out of it so long. I'm having issues with it myself. lol

  13. This does not sound vain at all! I worry about it and I don't have kids yet. I posted a few weeks ago about a great website called Fit for Expecting ( You should link up your workouts with our Fitness Friday linkup. I think there are a lot of women out there with the same concerns as you.

  14. Great plans! You'll get back there no problem!

    I have been doing Jamie Eason's LiveFit program (on and I'm loving it. It's a 12 week program and by the second week I could see and feel changes. She incorporates a food plan and workout plan... and it's pretty easy. You start off slow and work up to more. Also, it's strength/weight training first and then adding in cardio, which is what most doctors recommend for slow & steady weight loss :) I'm down to 112 pounds (from 136) but I've lost a lot of inches of "flab" just by toning!

    Also... I've been doing a ton of research and apparently PLANKS are the key to core strength and tightening up the core after baby. You can find lots of variations to make them tougher or just do regular planks (adding on time as you build strength). Even my doctor recommended planks as the most important workout for post-partum health :)


  15. Love your energy & motivation ... so inspiring! Your little girl is BEAUTIFUL!

    Happy to be a new follower :)

    Jamie & Kristen


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