Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Baby Brooke is One Month

Baby Brooke--
You are now officially 
1 month old!

How time really does fly, with a child...
I can honestly say this has been the best month of my life.
With all of the twists and turns of being a new mommy,
I look back
with my sleep deprived eyes
and am so proud of the three of us.
In one short month,
we've become a beautiful family of three.
Loving you is easy little girl!
You really are the sunshine of our lives.
and endless looks
 keep us wanting more from you each day!
You love to be bounced on that ball!
You make the best faces.
As girlie as I try to make you,
I have that feeling you'll be running around in camo,
hunting with daddy and playing sports soon enough,
as you seem to love your 49ers binky
over any other girlie one we have!
 For now I'll put you in legwarmers, tutus, and headbands
 for as long as you'll allow.
 Are we done yet? I have better things to do.
One Month Stats:
11 lbs 2 oz
22 1/4" long 
3 months fits you perfectly
0-3 is too snug.
You can really hold your head up for a long while.
You enjoy play time on your activity mats.
You seemed to have noticed our doggie Holly finally!
You sleep swaddled for up to 4 hours at a time
{in your own crib!!}
You are SO strong baby girl!
You pull mommy's hair so much, it really hurts!
You turn your head side to side, recognizing mommy and daddy's voices.
You've been such a good girl for your grandparents who've babysat a few hours at a time!
You love love love bath time!
Daddy trims your nails {baby raptor claws, he calls them} while you're asleep.
You're so alert.
You only cry for three reasons:
1. You're hungry
2. You need a diaper change
3. You're overtired
You are a very well behaved baby, and for that we are very thankful.
Happy One Month Baby girl!!
You are so very loved.
I love you with my heart and soul!!!!
And in case you wanted a video update...
I ended up taking a 2 hour nap after I recorded it,
so pardon the tired voice/eyes.
Enjoy :)


  1. Happy one month baby girl. I cant believe she's a month old already. She is to cute!

  2. What a little doll! Love these pictures (and those legwarmers/tutus! Kill me!)

  3. Happy one month Brooke! Can she get any cuter?! The photos and the video are so sweet!

  4. such a cute swaddle blanket and you look great for still being tired! ;)

  5. Happy One Month sweet girl!!! :)

  6. She could not be more adorable! Love that headband with that pink flower! :)

  7. Amazing, one month already?? Time sure does fly when you have such an adorable baby to love!! :)


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