Friday, February 8, 2013

Curling Hair with a Flat-Iron VLOG

Happy Friday Dolls!
I had been requested a few times to share how I curl my hair
with my straightener...
It's been on my You-Tube channel, 
but I never shared it on the blog!
Looking back,
(first week in December)
I was huuuuuuuuuuuuge!!
And I oddly miss it.
But I just love holding and having my little baby girl here!!
So, it's not the best tutorial, but hey, it's something!
Just remember:
"Like curling a ribbon with a pair of scissors"
and lots of practice.
Happy curling!!


  1. Oh dang, I might have to try this. Those are some serious achieved curls there. I've always kind of curled it under but never thought of doing it like that! thanks!

  2. Love these types of curls when they turn out right. You're a pro!

  3. Maybe I can get this right.. I've tried and tried and it just never seems to work for me! I'll take your tips and let you know how it goes;)

  4. Gorgeous curls! I'm in desperate need of a new straightener. What thickness is your straightener? The one I have now is really big and thick and I'm not really a fan.

  5. love it and gonna try it next time i wanna get all fancy ;) you are too cute


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