Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Lake Life

Hello friends!!  Can I just say how amazing these last few weeks of summer have been?! Not being home the last two weekends put me behind on housework, but fully re-charged me to kick it into high gear now.  I have so much to say and write, and so little time!

I was looking forward to a hot cup of coffee, sitting on the end of our dock all summer long...

It's a special place, where so many fond memories of my childhood come popping back up in my head, as soon as I sit down on the old wooden bench.  It doesn't matter what time of day, how big or small the waves may be, it is a peaceful and tranquil spot, that I will forever cherish.

First thing in the morning, no makeup, mimosa & coffee in hand.

So serious!

There was plenty of time to relax...

And plenty of time to wine!  These little adult juice boxes were fantastic! 

And time for a refill!

Sunsets are my favorite...

They always make me think of Grams.

Chillin on the dock...

Play time with friends.

And of course, being at the lake called for a sink bath.

We grilled out every day, steaks, hams, hots, a roast beef.  We even used our smoker and smoked two organic chickens!! We roasted marshmallows, devoured s'mores. 

Tyler's photo

We lit flares and watched as the entire lake lit up around us with them. .  

Tyler's photo

We laughed. We cried.  We soaked up every last moment of the summer, of the cottage, and all things good in life
Tyler's photo

Now we are already a few days into September, and I am ready for Fall.  Bring on the falling leaves, the pumpkins, the apple pickings, and all of the fun activities I can bring my little Brooke Lynn along to do.  She brings out the best in us as her parents, as people.  She continues to teach us to live in the moment, and to not blink, for she grows up so fast and so soon. 

I am in such a good place right now...
I want to pause time.
Stop it.
Let it stand still just for awhile. 
This is happiness, true and pure bliss.
And this is my life.

I am so blessed and don't for a second, take any of it for granted.


  1. Hey girl, i found you on instagram! Love Your photos! We live on a lake too! Where are you at?


  2. Hey girl, i found you on instagram! Love Your photos! We live on a lake too! Where are you at?


  3. Love the pictures! Sounds like a wonderful time! Bring on Fall!

  4. Looks totally perfect!! So glad you got away!! Such amazing photos! Being at the lake is my most favorite!! Beautiful family!

  5. looks like such a beautiful place! and love the pics! and ps i want your hair!

  6. I love the last pic! What a fun trip!

  7. These pictures are absolutely beautiful - the lake looks like a magical place. And makeup or not, you look STUNNING. You're also making me want to go on a lake vacation :) xox


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