Thursday, September 19, 2013


It's such a powerful word, and yet how many of us actually mean it when we say it? Belief.  It's so easy to be negative and not tap into our higher selves.  We can get easily distracted, especially in an instant society where everyone wants a desired outcome, yet so few of us actually take the time to work for it.

If we believe in ourselves, if we have just a little bit of confidence that we're doing the right thing, so many doors can open for us.  I know I've doubted myself on so many occasions.  I continue to work on this {bad habit} and have learned to turn towards others who are being successful in their beliefs. 

 It could be those last 10 lbs you've told yourself you'll lose, "eventually."  Do you not believe you can actually lose it? You can.  With the right foods, exercise and supplements, anything is possible.

Is it that you've lost all hope of ever having a baby?  Maybe that's when you need to believe just a little more...

Or is it that you don't think you can stay home with your baby and earn income?

Maybe you're in a situation where you need to muster all of the courage, strength and integrity left inside you, to go forth onto the right path of happiness in your life.  It's scary, it's hard, but the reward is always so worth it.

Or, maybe it's adopting a child from another country, even when your home is already full, and lives are busy, money is tight, but you have room for just one more.  I don't know much about the adoption process, but I do know that this couple, this family, is doing everything in their power to become a family of six. 

I went to high school with these two, and let me tell you, they are moving mountains.  

Want chills? Read their story here...

When I think of their story, I wonder how many nay-sayers, or negative nancies have knocked on their door. How many times have they been told to just stop already...maybe no one, but my guess is in today's world, someone has said something.

However, the amount of spirit, love, determination and dedication that is poured into this adoption process, it has literally taken my breath away.  You see, to me, this is moving a mountain.  This is doing good in the world.  They have a strong purpose and with their determination, I know they'll do everything in their power to succeed. 

It's moments like this, where you can look in the mirror and say to yourself, "What can I do?"  What life changing event can you encounter?  Each and every one of us is born with the same hands, feet, toes, arms, legs, a nose, a mouth, ears....a brain.  So what are you doing to better your life?  Your family's life? 

I donated $20 and got a cute shirt.  What I really want, is to see this boy live with his family here in New York.  To be loved, raised, and cherished by such caring souls. 

Some may say they don't "need" another child.  That, my friends, is wrong.  They do need him, and he needs them.  If you haven't done your "good donation deed" of the year, it's already September, perhaps throw a few bones this direction and help this amazing family out!!

You can always rock this awesome tee-shirt too!  I love that is says, "It takes a village."  Because friends, to be successful, it always does. 

What is something you need to start believing in?

Anything is truly possible.


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