Thursday, September 26, 2013


Just some food for thought question is, what will be the newest and greatest "thing" when my daughter is 16?  I am all about the Smart Phone, but I also know there are times when I need turn the darn thing off. 

I love how he says we need to just "be".  Some of us don't like where emotions take us.  What are your thoughts? 

I agree with the texting and driving---especially with Brooke with me, I take it really seriously to pay attention while I am driving.  If you look around, it's so scary to see how many people are playing on their phones while trying to drive.

I mean, driving isn't difficult, but some people struggle with it---and then they start playing on their phones?!

I just thought this interview was accurate and just a good reminder to PUT DOWN THE PHONE.

I know I need reminders too, so maybe try and take a 'break' from your Smart Phone and be in the moment.

You don't need to capture every detail on camera.

Play with your child.

Go for a drive with your husband (boyfriend, wife, significant other)
Read a book.

Cook a meal.

Walk the dogs.

Talk with your friends in person.

Do yoga.

Watch a movie.

Go outside.




  1. I totally agree. Sometimes we become so dependent of the damn thing, and I'm speaking for myself. When I'm without my phone I feel so lost. I'm trying to brake that habit, wish me luck :)

    Ox, Camylla

  2. Agreed. I want to raise my child the way my parents raised me. I remember mom making bike rodeos in our driveway, Dad would snow blow paths in our front lawn to play in, they were fantastically involved parents.

  3. I LOVE this! I think we all have a problem with resorting to our phone for fear of boredom or something... Maybe that's just me. But I've struggled with just putting the phone down and just living. It's something I work on daily though!

  4. I love Louis C.K. I've seen this video before, and it's SO true. I need to remind myself more often to put down my phone.

  5. My phone charger has been broken for weeks, haha.. so half the time my phone is dead because I can only charge it in the car. It doesn't bother me nearly as much as I thought it would..reminds me to focus more on baby girl:)

  6. this is so true.... my sister law is 19 but always on her phone doing something. I wish she would spend me time looking at me lol.... Julian is not going to have a phone to young at all. he needs to be a child :O)

  7. This post is SO RELEVANT to my life right now! My iPhone (which is on the fritz) essentially was down for 12 hours yesterday, and Jenn...I could not believe how anxious it made me! I kept wondering what I was missing out on, and the feeling of disconnection was intense.

    My next door neighbors have been dealing with a similar issue with their 11-year-old daughter. All of her friends already have smart phones so they're struggling with the whole she's 11- she doesn't NEED a phone, but...we don't want her feeling left out either.

    But I really do think we all need to learn to cut out some phone time in our lives :)

    Great post!


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