Monday, September 9, 2013

September Weekend

Happy Monday everyone! It is a chilly start to our week up here---about 44 degrees--brrrr!!  Our weekend was a busy one, and as always, flew by far too fast.  Friday hubs woke up with his Crohn's acting he literally spent the entire day in bed.  While I am grateful it wasn't as bad as it could have been, it still downright sucked that it was his day off and he couldn't enjoy it.  I made sure to make him lots of light/non spicy food he could easily digest, so it was scrambled eggs, tofu burgers and avocado. 

Baby girl was so good and quiet while Daddy rested...

By Friday evening he felt well enough to watch what has easily become MY FAVORITE MOVIE EVER.

I absolutely loved The Great Gatsby in high school. I read it my Junior year, and it is the main reason I wanted to become a teacher.  I loved discussing all of the symbolism, the way Fitzgerald wrote everything---it was perfection. 

I also may have had a major slight obsession with Leonardo DiCaprio back in the day {R&J, Titanic..} And so I can't help but love him playing Gatsby.

1.) I need to re-read the book again.
2.) I need to own this on DVD
3.) I need the soundtrack.

Yeah. I'm still that girl haha.

Moving on...

Saturday we were quite busy spending time with Joey's mom & grandma.

Baby girl had her first taste of homemade pasta & sauce--I am so happy she can experience her Great Grandmother's cooking. It is so special!! {and so good!}

We had to run to Wal-Mart {which is always an adventure} and they had the cutest puffer vest--I couldn't resist!

My "stock pile" arrived---I'm excited to have items on hand for local friends.  You really shouldn't run out of Spark, it's such amazing stuff!!

I cannot wait until I can do another cleanse again.  It felt SO good the first time through. 

Our Saturday night was a wild one.  I played on Pinterest.  He played Madden.

Sunday we surprisingly slept in (after the dogs woke up at 7:30) until a little after 10.  Even Brooke was exhausted! I can't remember the last time we slept in late.

It was GAME DAY so I was so excited to wear this shirt again, since last year it didn't fit over my belly.

My "Lucky shirt" is still lucky!! Good job boys!!

We went to a 1st birthday party where lil miss enjoyed some chocolate covered strawberries!

The birthday boy--look at his hair!!

And above all else, please remember...


  1. Brooke is gorgeous! I love her expression! I know 44 is cold, but I wish it would go ahead and turn fall here. We are expecting high 80s and tons of humidity all week again. :o(

  2. wait what 44 degrees are you serious?? gosh i want that weather so bad, it will still be high 90s during the day for a while, i want an actual fall sigh...

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