Monday, September 30, 2013


How was your weekend? We had a nice one!

Friday Joe and I both had a hair appointment at the same time {we go to the same place; he started seeing one of the girls who works at my hairdresser's salon a few years ago}. Little Miss Brooke came with us and she was great. Hubby's hair only takes 20 minutes, while mine takes 2 hours.  They came back and picked me up after I was Fall ready....and by that, I mean blonde!

Don'tcha love the disco ball?

Yay for more blonde and happy layers.

Saturday was a low key day.  I cleaned the house, prepared a delicious beef stew & our brother came over for a bit.  Sadie did have some seizures, but we try to focus on the positive [that she only has them twice a year now].  She'll be out of it for a little while and that makes me sad...but I know she's lucky to have us as her parents.

Sunday morning brought a few truckloads of wood to our house! Hubs did an excellent job stacking all of it.   I made us yummy breakfasts--an egg over easy with tomatoes & avocado.  I also did a few country sausages up too--so good!

It was a gorgeous day and we wanted to take full advantage of it.  I was hoping to get to a Pumpkin Patch, but that will have to be for another day [maybe Tuesday].  Opening day of hunting season is almost here and he needed to practice--

So we went out to visit his Grandma.  We got there and his mom had already picked a bunch of apples and pears (and yes a tomato!) I now have a huge box and need to bake.
Yes please!

His grandma has chickens and we swear their eggs taste so much better. The yolks are almost orange and quite delicious.  She let them run around for a bit outside of their pen...

Brooke just thought they were the best thing ever!

She absolutely loves Peek-A-Boo

Grandma & Great Grandma took her on a walk, but she refused to sleep!  She was in bed by 7 Sunday night.

She enjoyed the chicken cutlets, pasta, meatballs, homemade bread, and of course her bottle.

The family helped chop, move, and stack wood here too!

I hope my family helps me one day when I'm old like his grandma.  It was a peaceful day and for that, I am grateful.  We quietly celebrated Grandpa's birthday, as he is no longer with us.  Such an amazing man and someone my husband will always look up to.

Sometimes you just need to head to the country, take in the fresh air, and get your hands a little dirty and sore.  I think we'll all sleep a little better tonight...and I know I dream of us having our own land someday where Brooke can grow up running around in the fields, playing outside and being a kid.

Makes me think of this song...

Happy Monday!!

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  1. Your hair is just soooo gorgeous! And Brooke is always a doll!

  2. YAY for hair appointments! They just make the day better right?

    We get our eggs from a local farmers market and they TOTALLY taste different! So fresh and unsteroided!

    Love that song, looks like an awesome weekend!

  3. Looks like a wonderful weekend! I'm sorry to hear about Sadie's seizures...she's very lucky to have you guys as her family.

  4. Looks like a beautiful weekend! :)

  5. Brooke is so pretty. The country looks so nice. it does not look like that here. Hope I go somewhere like that someday. looks like you had a great time. also I LOVE YOUR hair

  6. aw yum fresh pies! i love baking too! sounds like a great weekend!! :)

  7. How incredible to have such a tranquil place to escape to! I love the photos from the farm!

    That beef stew sounds sooo delicious and comforting. And your hair looks gorgeous, as always!


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