Thursday, May 22, 2014

Final Days [4 and 5]

We decided Thursday we wanted to get up and go explore. It was a little rainy, but it ended up clearing up just nicely!

Beach hair ahhhh!

We just drove around the whole island; the roads are so curvy and crazy.  Sometimes I wasn't even sure where we'd end up!

We found this random boulangerie and they barely spoke English!  I had a croque monsieur and it was DEEEELISH.

We headed over to the very popular Moho beach where planes fly directly over the beach, as the tiny airport is right across the street.

I bought a new hat because I was rather burnt from the fierce sun…

We had drinks with Joe's old co-worker; her and her family were down there the same time we were! It was nice to catch up with them.

That night we hoped to go back to see Momo, but his restaurant was closed.  So the front desk actually suggested Sol e Luna.  OMG. So happy we went!!

My outfit that night--

Top- Arden B
Jeans - Express

Such an amazing dinner; it was so well decorated too.   We both ordered the Filet Mignon---he had fois grois and I had these AMAZING French mushrooms.  I still think about them.

 Perfect ending to a perfect vacation.

Friday we got up and enjoyed the last bit of the beach…

Before we went to the airport we had a quick local lunch of conch something or other at this cute little pier.

We flew into JFK Friday evening and were home in the ROC by 9:30.  We certainly enjoyed every moment of our mini romantical couples only vacation; and I can't wait to do it again!  

I've truly enjoyed being home and the day to day tasks are much easier, when I have these beautiful memories to look back on.  We are already looking at a few newer local French restaurants to checkout this weekend, we just loved it so much!


  1. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!!! So glad you guys got away and had this time together. Loved all these updates and now I want to go there stat!!! ha ha

  2. looks so fun, you look so pretty in all your photo's :O)


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