Friday, May 2, 2014

Flashback Friday ::St. Martin::

Ah….memories.  That was the last time hubby and I went away.  Just the two of us.  No baby.  No family or friends. Just us two.  I look at these photos and grin ear to ear because we had SO much fun.  It was a week long cruise and we stopped at 5 different islands and just had an absolute ball.  One island that we stopped at, we just fell in love with.  St. Martin.  We ended up stopping there again on my sister's wedding cruise, but being in my first trimester, it wasn't exactly the crazy and spontaneous vacay I was hoping for.  

Hence the OJ… haha!

I know I've mentioned it before, but in our original e-mail between one another, Joe told me that one day he would travel the world with his queen.  {I just had no idea it'd be me!}  I am so pumped to be getting away with just him for a few days!!

I can't get over this resort we will be staying at!! How beautiful.

It's not going to be easy being away from my little angel, but I do know that it is healthy for my husband and I to bond and spend quality time just us two.  He works crazy demanding hours and even on his off days, he's still working. {like right now} I respect that, but also know that if you work hard, you should play hard!! And so we will. I know we will make some fantastic memories and hey, maybe even scope out a place to bring Brooke back to one day when she is older!!

I can't help but to be over the moon about not having to load and unload the dishwasher for a few days straight! I legit run the thing 1-2 times a day.  We eat so many meals at home (for health and cost reasons) and once in awhile, mama needs a break!! OK OK, so we may have even had a little fish fry tonight [thanks carb ease!]  But being around other fabulous cooking actually does inspire me in the kitchen. I love trying island food and I have no doubt this trip won't disappoint!  That's why we don't even get all inclusive; we love to explore what natives eat.  

Joe has done a little research and it seems like the fine dining in Grand Case may be our best bet for some fabulous dinners!! I am just going to eat the whole time…well and walk the beaches, so I can eat more!! Woop!

Speaking of, I just made us reservations for this place L'Auberge Gourmande  It's rated #1 in this Grand Case area.  Yay!

Oui. Oui.  Je suis très heureux!!


  1. Gosh I just want to be laying on that beach right now! Looks like such a nice place and great trip :)

  2. Looks so beautiful and so much fun!

  3. This sounds so fun!! Married couples with children deserve a little RandR so enjoy your time together :) and have fun!!

  4. You deserve to get away. You are a great mom and great moms need some time too. You are so lucky. I can't wait to see the photo's . I love the beach


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