Tuesday, May 20, 2014

St.Martin [day 2]

So Tuesday of our vacation, I asked that Joe let me just sleep a little bit.  I had no dogs to take care, no baby, no breakfast to make, no clothes to iron, and I just wanted to rest.  He was up at 6 and out the door…I slowly got up around 8 and went down to the beach where I found him sitting.

We ended up staying there all day!  We ate lunch at the outdoor cafe and just walked around the hotel.

The little bar, not opened for the day yet. 
Pretty much what I did when we weren't on the beach.

Obligatory waiting for my hubby selflies.

Seriously, I LOVED this dress. It was an impromptu purchase from Express. [ON sale now! ]

I loved how it had two layers; the inner was fitted but the outer flowed.

Should have used the flash. Oh well!

Off to dinner pics!

We love #awkwardselfies

We went down to Grand Case and kind of went through some questionable areas.  The main strip wasn't too bad, but the side streets were, well…interesting.

This is the restaurant I made reservations at online; it was rated #1 on Trip Advisor.

The owner Pascal came out to meet us because we told the waiter Momo told us to ask for him. (The owner from the restaurant the night before.)  He was very nice and his food was good; it was very traditional French.

Again, no photos, but Joe had the Dover Sole and they deboned it all fancy-like at the table.  I went super traditional and ordered Veal [I never eat it, but it was highly recommended]  Overall it reminded of eating in France; nothing was bad, but it was all very very rich.  We probably wouldn't go back, simply because there are so many other restaurants we would want to try as well!

As we sat outside watching tourists walk by and all the different walks of life, it was embedded in my mind how fortunate we were to take time away, again, just us two.  The day to day [hamster wheel of life] can become mundane and often taken for granted. Stepping out of our home, our comfort zones and truly exploring a new island, was just so incredible.  It definitely opened my eyes a bit and helped refresh my outlook on life.  

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