Monday, May 19, 2014

St. Martin {Day 1}

Our resort was GORGEOUS.  If you're looking for a family friendly {or even a romantic couple} destination, this place is hands down one of my favorites, if not my favorite place we have stayed.

Funky tree outside our room!

 Upon arriving, we were greeted with tropical drinks.  Inside our room was a bunch of fresh fruit!

Our view outside of our little balcony…

Amazing what a real camera can do! LOL

Vs. Iphone

We ran right down to the beach and stuck our toes in the warm water.

Joe loved all the iguanas

We were a little tired from all of the traveling, but a nice shower and a cute new summer outfit helped for sure!!  I had all this extra time after I got ready, while waiting for hubs…I can't imagine why? Oh that's right; I only had myself to take care of! No diaper changes, meals/snacks prepped, diaper bag packed, or anything. Baby girl was in good hands and having a ball with her grandparents.  What a relaxing feeling!

So?  I took some selfies….

Pardon the "Vibrant" setting---great for landscapes not so much people…oops.

Joe found a restaurant on trip advisor and we had the front desk make reservations.  {Not that we probably needed them} But first we drove around and took in some of St. Martin's beauty.

My handsome guy.  I am so grateful he took time away with just me; we just fell in love all over again. We missed Brooke a lot, but we knew she was being well taken care of.  The setting sun was just absolutely beautiful.

We had an incredible first night meal here at Ti Bouchon (cork in French!)   Seriously, check out the menu. It doesn't do what we ate justice, as it was SO contemporary and well presented!! I ordered this "caprese salad" but the tomato was actually a jelly (made from tomato, strained, no seeds, very complicated!) and the mozzarella was whipped!  There were scallops and fancy basil pesto. Oh my. It was heavenly…

As was my Duck (yes, I ordered duck and it was fantastic!)  He used the duck fat to roast these potatoes in as a side---we died. Soooo good!

For dessert it was a fancy creme brûlée, but the eggs were cooked. I was STUFFED.  {plus the loaves of French bread consumed were just ridiculous}

Unfortunately we didn't take many photos.  It was so intimate because it was simply, Joe, myself, the owner, and his cooks!  I wanted to take pictures but at the same time, I'm loving simply "living" and enjoying the moment.

#selfie Us and Momo!  He was so cool. He stood and talked to us through our entire meal.  He is from France, but lived in Spain and loves living in St. Martin during the busy season.

We loved it so much we were going to eat there our last night, but he was closed. That's ok, we will just have to return some day!!

Our hotel was very close to the restaurant, but it's a crazy drive up a mountain and down the other side to get to it. I think Joe really enjoyed it, but I could see it becoming a little annoying day after day.  Our first night, ok every night, was relatively early and we were in bed by 10.  R & R is what it's all about, especially when you're a mom and dad.


  1. So glad you had a good trip! You deserve it momma!

  2. Looks like you had a great time!!! St. Martin is on the list of places we need to visit.

  3. Sounds amazing!!!! Jealous. I'm dying to get to an island.. ONE DAY. ONE DAY.


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