Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Brooke Lately {16 months}

It's been awhile since I've blown up my blog with some Brooke pix.  She and I have been loving this warmer weather!!  We stopped by her buddy Blake's house last week and she adored his little red truck.

She is so silly.  I have been trying to organize things and this giant old brown bear was her Daddy's and she loves it.

I try to let her figure out feeding herself, and it is rather cringe-worthy as the mess is quite a bit…

But it's good for us.

So serious!

Sunday snuggles

Stuck in the chair.

Playing with that old bear again.

Again, serious face.

Picking dandelions.

Her curls!! I love them.

I forget she is still so small, and the world oh, so big.

She loves her milk!  #sadiephotobomb

Sleepy bear.

Sassy and stylish.  That's my big girl.

Memorial Day 2014

She is 16 1/2 months.  26 pounds…and really dang tall!!  She is over 100% for her height and in the 90th% for her weight.  Most 2T fits, but some 3T are needed.  Her feet are a size 6 and she still keeps growing!

She eating everything and anything.  When we go out to eat, we rarely get anything off the kids menu; she just eats what we eat.  We try to keep her on a clean eating spree with minimal cookies or treats, but she certainly enjoys them.

She LOVES her doggies, to play outside, and the hot dog dance.

Brooke is rather comical and so I find it odd that most of my photos are of her serious face, as she is usually goofing around.  I will admit I have been somewhat lazy with picture taking, only because I find that enjoying the moments with her are far more fun.

I cannot believe what a character she already is; it's crazy to think of where she will be this time next year.  


  1. Aw love her! And yes the feeding is so scary lol I hate the mess!

  2. Oh my gosh her curls!!! Love her! And her with that yogurt! What a riot. Love it so much.


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