Monday, May 12, 2014

The Day of the Mother

Haha I dunno, I am just in a silly mood. Perhaps it's because I have SO much catching up to do and I want to do is play in the sun with Brooke, blog, and bake.  :)  I feel so revived from our vacation and cannot wait to share our relaxing getaway.  But first, let's talk about Mother's Day.

Some days I still cannot believe I am really a mom.

It's everything I hoped and more; there are hard days and trying moments.  And there are moments of perfection; like my daughter dancing and spinning in circles to one of her favorite songs, all while smiling.





It changes you; inside out.

I woke up to let the dogs out and saw this gorgeous pink bouquet of all my faves! Some haven't even opened yet.  Thank you hubby and Brooke!

We waited (and munched on homemade Italian cookies) while Daddy ran and got us Panera for breakfast.

We were pretty tired from traveling home, so we did not do a bunch of running around.  I really just wanted some family of three time; I wanted to see my little girl play at the park.

Daddy had just as much fun on the playground!

She  LOVED the slide.

Such a goofy girl.


I am not gonna lie. I MISSED one on one time with her. Taking a vacation was just what the Dr. ordered. I had so much fun running our errands today and we even picked up a new little picnic table.

I still haven't swallowed the price of a water table yet; so we just pulled out some bowls and such and I filled those with water.

I hit up Wal-Mart because she just keeps GROWING!! 3T for my 16 month old.  She's a big girl!

I could NOT resist this cute outfit for the 4th?!

And totally random, but this is my new BFF.  I cannot believe I have waited this long! I still shampoo/condition my hair and then spray a little--voila!  No tangles! Love love love.

I promise to share more on this later; I will leave you with a little sneak peak.  Hubby works SO hard for us, that I really make sure we do get time away. (beg, nag, plead, whatever you want to call it) and he kept thanking me for making him getaway.  He loves to work; it's in his blood.  But it's important to relax a little every now and again and enjoy all that hard earned money.  We were absolutely spoiled in St. Martin.


  1. You are a GREAT Mom. So glad you had a great day and an awesome trip. Can't wait to hear all about it!! Brooke is so getting so grown up looking!! :)

  2. She growing so fast. looks like you had a great time.. lucky girl

  3. LOVE YOU!! Such a great Momma! Love the scensory play activity, seems we've been pinning lots of the same stuff lately;) I thought I was the only one that sized up all the time for baby clothes. Savanna isn't a year yet but most of her stuff is 18-24 months. I just hate to drop so much money on clothes she's only going to wear for a month and I want them to LAST!

  4. Shes so cute! Glad your trip was fun. Cant wait to catch up! This week should be a bit easier!


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