Thursday, March 22, 2012

Yes, Holly Wally, We Really Love You!!

Today started out like any other Summer day in March.
I ironed a shirt and pants for hubby.
I hooked the doggies up outside on their leashes.
I made scrambled eggs for hubs and I.
Quickly cooked bacon up for Joey.
I spoke to my father about decking.
Joe and I sipped orange juice, took our vitamins,
and I walked him to the door and kissed goodbye.
I grabbed the large, yet practically empty dog food bag
and a cup of food and brought both furballs into the house.
Holly helped herself right into the bag and when that was gone,
I figured she'd still need a bit more food.
I went out to the garage, threw away the empty bag,
and grabbed more of the food.
I walked back in and saw Sadie just chillin in the kitchen, but
the little ankle biter, Holly, was not in sight.
I called, and called, and called.
I shook the cup with food, and nothing.
I quickly got nervous because our screen door
had not yet been put back in,
and I've been leaving the sliding glass door wide open.
I thought for sure, my adventurous little Wallers
had run off outside.
{Sidenote:We named her Holly,
but that name is far too sweet, nice, and innocent
to be hers. She is more of a Consuela or Wally or
Wallers because she runs into walls.}
I ran outside, calling her name and looking around,
but saw and heard nothing...
other than the sounds of the three large dogs two houses down.
A Husky.
Two boxers.
Last summer Holly ran over to them and teased them,
as they are in an invisible fence and she obviously was not.
Luckily they didn't enjoy her for breakfast,
that day.
But today?
I didn't even want to go over there and see a pile of Holly on the ground.
I ran inside looked around, opened doors, called up and down.
I went out the front door, in my PINK t-shirt and pink plaid pajama pants.
I asked two teenage boys (who should probably have been in school?)
If they had seen a little dog.
They said no.
I ran up stairs threw on a bra, 
since I figured I'd have to go running around trying to find her.
Again, I peeked in the bedrooms and saw nothing!
I ran back outside, in the back, in the front.
I wouldn't be so adamant that she was outside
but the dogs are much like their owners;
they love their food!
When I'm in the kitchen and there's food,
my helpers are right there to pick up the scraps!
I finally caved and picked up my cell and called the hubs.
He had just pulled into work and in a scared voice,
I told him I lost Holly.
Without hesitation, 
he jumped right back into the car and was on his way home.
He told me to keep calling her and check under the deck.
She probably chased a squirrel.
As I walked the path (mind you there is a high school behind us,
fields, a track, huge parking lot) 
Joe said, "Did you check under the covers?"
I kept calling her and looking around outside, 
and came back in the house one last time,
and there she was scurrying down into the living room,
tail between her legs,
she flipped over onto her back and laid on their doggy bed.
Her tail wagged and she knew I was upset.
Hubs was already half way home, 
but was able to just turn around and go back to work.
I think she just wanted some extra attention because I had a busy
day away from home yesterday, but
either way, I cried and sobbed like a baby.
I think she just wanted to see how much I really loved her.
I knew loved her, but the thought of her being
breakfast meat to dogs down the street,
just made my heart so heavy.
My heart is still racing a bit as I type this.
So, lessons learned.
I'll keep the door shut until we get the screen in.
And next time,
I'll check her favorite place in the whole world,
our bed sheets.
 Do your pets give you a run for your money?
I cannot wait for this new deck with railings.
And I could really use a mimosa.
I'll settle for some yoga.


  1. I am so glad you found her!! I was so worried. I would have burst into tears too. This summer at the lake cruz went wandering and about had a heart attack!

  2. Awww Jen!!!! That is SO scary! I'm so happy that Holly was safe and sound. When I was little, we were taking my golden retriever down to the vet when my mom stopped for gas. She accidentally pressed the button that opened the back sliding door (it was a Honda Odyssey mini van), and Nikki jumped out! She then ran all around the parking lot while my mom chased her and I sat there crying (I was only ten, but I might still do the same thing today...)! It was awful!!!

  3. Aww I'm so glad she is ok! It's such a scary thing when this happens! In fact it happened just last week with Zoey. My husband put her in the small crate in the guestroom instead of her usual crate because we were washing her blankets. I didn't realize it and when we came in from working outside I went to get her, the crate was open and obviously she wasn't in it. I started shouting for her and looking around but nothing so I literally ran downstairs and out to the garage and screamed "Zoey's gone" Hubby realized right away and just chuckled haha. It was probably more of a blond moment then anything else but I know that scary awful feeling you went through! Imagine how we are going to be when we have kids!

  4. Awww what a scary yet super sweet story! Hope you had a mimosa after that!!! xox

  5. I can imagine how scared you were! My childhood pup, precious, loved to get out and rome the neighborhood any chance she got. I would turn around for 10 seconds and she was gone! Luckly she never got too far before we found her. That is so sweet that miss Holly was hiding in your covers! Hope you have a great day girl!

    xo Julia

  6. Yes, my cat,The Prince use to run away whenever I left for a few days! Once he knew I was back home, he'd come back... he's an 'inside' cat now.. lol

  7. My pug used to be the freakin devil when she wanted to be but omg I still loved her up and down! Cute pup!

  8. As I was reading this I was thinking, "Please let this story have a happy ending! Pleeeaaase!" I'm glad she's alright. You totally deserve a mimosa after what you went through.

  9. This happened to me with my oldest lab when she was a puppy and we found her up by the busy street. I was mortified. So glad your baby is ok

  10. Aww that story is so sad!! But happy, too :) Dogs are the best. My dog has his favorite spots--in our closests, on a futon, by the front door, my bathroom...the list goes on :) I'm glad you found your puppy!


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