Saturday, August 2, 2014

Currently {Summer Edition}


Outside.  Girl would stay out there all day errr day, if we could, I would.  I hit up the Dollar Tree and scored some garden tools, hula hoop, baseball bat, a ball.  She doesn't even know what to do with these, but finds them fun to run around with and play.


I will admit I have already started packing on the pounds, so now that birfffdays are done, I am back on my 80/20.  Ok, it's more like 70/30 there may have been a cheesesteak earlier this week but I am making a REAL effort to eat cleanER.

Breakfast is pretty standard-- I try to eat a few eggs/egg whites w/ kale, spinach, or whatever leafy green I have on hand, and load up on ma fruit.  I feel like if I can start the day "clean" I have a little bit better control throughout the day.  I said a little.

Sometimes I have a whole grain flat sandwich, toasted.

I ran out of fresh fruit, but sometimes we don't always eat the bowl of fruit I cut up, so I freeze it. Perfect for days like this, I just whip up a smoothie.

Lunch-- I try really hard to get my greens in.  I invested in some OG salad dressing and use a little on the side.

I have been craving deli meat, but I don't even like to get it and microwave it, so I have been using sliced chicken instead--PERFECTION!  A little hummus, cream cheese, tomato, cucumber, lettuce and voila!! So tasty.  I use a low carb wrap and one is the perfect amount!

That Prego:

I wish I was all trendy and cute with heels and stuff…but chasing after Brooke and running a house all day, I am so happy I have some comfy kicks to support my tired feet. I am definitely getting older haha.

I do love that the clothes I wore with Brooke can be worn again…I made this, aka ironed on a little image that says, "What's Kickin" with feet.

Something New:

This summer hasn't been super hot, which is fine, so we haven't really needed the air on a ton.  The issue however, is that we can't even open our windows in our room, so it gets a little stuffy and warmer than any other place in the house.  Or down comforter was just too heavy and we both kept waking up hot--so I scored this pretty at Bed Bath and Beyond.  $99, came with sheets, a bed skirt and shams.  I used a 20% coupon and I am loving the pattern.

Apparently we never have company, but a few times this month people popped over and wanted water to drink and we literally had NO glasses.  So I bought a set of 16 at Marshall's.  $10.99 holla!  Don't mind the rando baby bottle…I'm totally in limbo. Like why bother putting all this stuff into storage when I'll need it all again in 6 months?!

Joe and I feel so grown up.  Oh wait, we are and have a second kid on the way! About that…yeah, still haven't done a darn thing with the nursery or anything.  I feel like once we know boy or girl, it will be go time and I'll be super motivated to get my booty into gear.

Crunchy moment:

It's kinda hard when most  all of my energy goes into this little girl.  Holy smokes!  She is go go go and I love it, just wish I could keep up better.  We do the Farmer's Market every Thursday and she goes CRAZY for the berries.  We enjoy supporting our local CSA and she loves going.

Aha moment:

Kinda gross, but if you have fresh fruit/veggies out that you're constantly cooking with or snacking on, maybe you have an issue like I did with fruit flies! I hate them. So nasty.  So I rolled a piece of paper into a cone, filled the bottom of a mason jar with apple cider vinegar and a few pieces of fruit.  I have caught like 20 in two days. Ew!!

Me moment:

I just try to do something for myself, out of the house…it doesn't happen weekly, but every few weeks I pop out to get my nails done.  I just like having a little girlie time and I loved this 'hot rod red'.

Toddler Tornado:

I know it's not going to get any easier.  I know that it's actually going to get messier and harder, but I really try to embrace these moments.  Our basement got a little water in it and so we were starting to get some mold…so I grabbed this baby rocker and brought it up, since it was one of the many items that didn't need to be cleaned, Brooke has been trying to sit in it. Quite funny!


17 weeks pregnant today and I still feel good; just tired.  It has been a long and somewhat trying week and I am glad it's almost over!  It's sooooooo hard to listen to my body, but I really don't want to end up on bed rest, so I just keep doing what I can and if I need to rest, I do.  I didn't need to go on bed rest with Brooke or anything, but it's like one of my fears--because I don't know what would happen with my home if that were the case!  {like right now, I felt a little like I was overdoing it with the house cleaning, so I sat…to blog.   Brookie happens to be down for nap, so that helps! :)  She has been all over the place napping inconsistently again. Random.}

You really can just do so much and pushing yourself while pregnant, I just don't think is the thing to do.      I'm literally trying to tell myself this as I type, I guess.  I hate feeling lazy, but growing a baby is not exactly a walk in the park on my body!! 

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