Monday, January 12, 2015

40 Weeks + 2 Days Preggo

Well, well, well.  Here we are on the 12th of January.  Brooke's party was a success (I'll blog about that separately!) and baby brother is still baking away!  I of course want to meet him, but I'm doing okay, other than being super uncomfortable at night.  My Pelvic Girdle Pain/SPD is horrendous right now on my left side.  I wince in pain turning over at night and am now using not only the snoogle to sleep but also an extra pillow.

Today has been low key; I am legit sitting in my fuzzy red robe at 3pm, no lie.  Brooke's cold seems to be coming to a head, lots of runny nose, coughing a bit more and definitely just has the sickies.  Not good!! I really don't want her sick while I go into labor, because then I'll worry about her…so hopefully she gets better and that is why baby bro is waiting.  We got to play with her new toys all morning and snuggle to some shows.  She is down for a nap, thank goodness, and we will play some more when she gets up.  She refused a nap yesterday, but then fell asleep on Daddy around 6 pm, and I don't think she's done that since she was like 6 months old!! He said he felt like it was his birthday, it was so sweet.

It's been snowing all day, but it's not a ton, just enough to be pretty and keep me from wanting to leave!  I keep checking the weather for a warm up, thinking that will be when baby Bradley makes his arrival, but no such luck.  It appears to be in the highs of 30 at most.  Good thing we have tons of warm blankets and clothes for him!

I've taken a bath in lavender essential oil, while sipping on my pineapple juice and am (sort of) watching The Bachelor from last Monday.  I kind of just don't know what else to do, haha!  I try to read but my mind wanders so I need silly distractions at this rate.  Still not a single labor sign and I was really up and about all day yesterday, so today I took the lazy road, maybe that will do something, maybe not.

I'm super excited to try out Blue Apron meals tonight; my friend Jamie said they sent her extra meals of the same variety, so she had her hubby hand them off to my hubby=score! Once again, I get out of dinner.  I hate getting too excited, but really I am just not feelin the whole menu plan/cook dinner thing.  I keep thinking, well any day baby boy will be here and I don't want to waste food!  But, we do need to eat. So, yay, thanks Jamie!!

I just keep trying to drink in these moments because I know that soon my world is going to be rocked by such an incredible baby boy!! It's funny because people keep asking me when he's going to be here---I have no clue?!  I do know my labor with Brooke started 4 days after her due date, and I didn't have her until a week after.  I really look forward to whatever day he decides!! And if he doesn't decide to come on his own, I am mentally preparing myself for an induction.  On one hand, that will be rather convenient for us to "schedule" it.  My body seemed to do okay with pitocin with Brooke; it wasn't perfect but I still and her vaginally and that was fine by me.

So that's the scoop!! Just trying to keep people updated as I know I have a lot of support and people thinking of us, so I appreciate it!! I will post on FB/Insta/Twitter if and when things get started!! I promise.  I also hope to take more videos this time around.  Ahhh! I can't wait to hold my baby boy.


  1. You are a trooper!! Can't wait to see his face!! :)

  2. That bachelor was insane..the crazy chick?! Lol ps totally finally playing catch up...


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