Thursday, January 15, 2015

40 Weeks 5 Days Pregnant

Still here, still pregnant!! I am actually hoping he stays put just a bit longer, not because I'm not dying to meet him, but because I have a bad cold!! Not surprising since I've been caring for Brooke and she has just been a hot mess these last few days.  There is no way I wanna give birth not feeling 100%,  I mean obviously I will if he decides to make his debut…but I have laid off any of the "inducing" methods that seem to work for some people. 

Last time around, I did have my acupuncturist hit me up with some work on my feet; if I am still prego next week, I will try that before induction.  Otherwise, I am just resting, eating chicken noodle soup, and enjoying the time with Brooke.  As anxious as I was a few days ago, I am really at peace with his late arrival.  I think part of it is that I know how much strength labor takes, along with the ability to care for him once he gets here.  I know that is what threw me the most with Brooke.  I wasn't expecting labor to be so hard (I don't know why) and I wasn't expecting to be so exhausted. (again, why?!) Now that I have gone through it and the whole breastfeeding process, I know what is expected of me and I would much rather have all my energy and strength to endure that.  So, maybe baby boy does know best and he is waiting until everyone is better!  

I'm definitely still 'nesting' OCD style.  I want my counters cleaned off and all of Brooke's toys picked up.  It's as if in my mind I'm like, OK, if we are to rush out of here, I don't want to come home to a mess!!  

I must say this living day to day thing is quite freeing.  I am so type A and normally schedule and plan everything (because it is easier to live that way!) but not knowing what each day/night brings, I am learning to be patient, let go, and to trust the process.  I also just ordered Jesus Calling, a daily devotional that I am trying to read a few times over each day.  I feel like the one passage a day is really meaningful and I have to let it sink in a few times to speak to me….pretty cool stuff! 

So while this post is kind of all over the place, I guess that I just wanted to document I'm doing well, sick, but emotionally/mentally I'm strong.  I've got this!! I just need to kick this darn cold to the curb!  I do have a hard time sleeping at night.  I am pretty much up every 2 hours to pee.  When he moves it sometimes really really hurts, but my goodness, he has got to be running out of room!! I do take comfort in feeling him wiggle around, and if I'm sitting up (like right now) my whole upper body sways if he moves----pretty weird!! 

Tomorrow I have my 41 week checkup and hopefully we can schedule an induction date that I am comfortable with.  My mom comes into town January 24th, and so ideally Joe would have a week off to be with me/baby/Brooke and then go back to work and she will be here…but who knows. Maybe everyone will be here now haha!

I will admit that the longer he bakes, the more I want to online shop.  I was going back and forth between the rock and play sleeper or a sakura bloom ring sling.  I have the bouncy seat and swing from Brooke, so I think the ring sling will be better. We already have some plans to take Brooke to Disney on Ice in Feb. so I know this little man will be worn A LOT!!   I also am interested in the Freshly Picked Moccasins, which are SO adorable.  But I have no clue how big his feet will be so I should probably just wait and measure when he is here. 

For now I will do a little more Essential Oil research, as I just got one more new on in the mail: Helichrysum.  I guess it can be used for labor, I really want to try it on my ear ringing/tinnitus that I have going on as well. 

So yeah, that's my scoop!! Follow me on Instagram/Twitter. I'll be posting any and all updates as they happen.  We are so excited to meet him and look forward to sharing our stories along the way. 

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