Thursday, January 8, 2015

Updates {Brooke etc}

Hey all!! I am still here and still prego!  [39 Weeks and 5 days!]  I must say that these last few days/weeks are the hardest!  Not only do you become super uncomfortable and down right in pain, but you just so badly want to meet your little one and have no idea when that will be!!  I am trying to stay busy, enjoy the "quiet time" but in reality, mama wants to meet you little man!

Tuesday we had Brooke's Two Year Appointment.

Brooke Update:

She is 32 pounds and 10 oz

36.3 inches tall

97% for both her height and weight!  Her head is in the 94%

Size 4T

I have a hard time with pants fitting correctly, so I usually keep her in leggings/jeggings.  She is starting to want to pick out her outfits, oh my word.  If girlfriend wants to wear Minnie or Elsa, that's what she is wearing. It's a bit dramatic otherwise!

Dr. had no concerns and said she is doing great.  She received two shots and didn't too bad at all.  She really loved the fact that she got a sticker for being a big girl.   I was so proud of her!

She is seriously turning into more and more of a little girl each day.  Joe and I just laugh at some of the things that she does.  My favorites lately are that she will just go up and down the stairs freely.  Like, if she wants a drink or a snack she will just come down ask/help herself if it's on the table or counter, then say "Bye bye Mommy. See you later."  And then go back upstairs while Joe finishes getting ready for the day and they come back down together.

She also does this adorable, "Um…." while tapping her finger to her chin.  Along with, if she really doesn't want something, she will say, "No no no no no no" and wave her hands in front of her face.  She reminds me of a little old Italian lady!!   That and when she says, "Eat, eat eat!"

She can count to 20 (with my help past 14; I was shocked she knew these numbers!)

Goes to bed between 8-9.  On Joe's late nights I will keep her up so she can see him.  He isn't in the door for two seconds and she is dragging him to the living room for a dance party.

Naps for 1-3 hours daily.  It really depends on how much sleep she got, what we've been doing activity wise, etc.

Favorites:  Minnie--she has a few toys she is loving to play with.  Kitchen set: She is starting to really bang around with the pots and pans; I can't wait until she gets more "food" and I think her imagination will really take off!  Baby in a stroller-she walks her around the house.

Baby Bradley Update:

I had my "40 Week" checkup yesterday---NOT fun to go out and about in this freezing cold weather! I know that most of the country is rather frozen, but to watch the temperature continue to drop on my dashboard (down to 4 degrees!) and then the windchill made it like -18…it was rough!

She was not in a mood to sit around and wait for an hour either…

Baby boy has dropped, which I thought he had!  His heart rate was a 160, which was a little on the high side for him. Dr said it's totally normal for babies, plus she had checked me first, so she said that could have got him going a bit {good sign!}  I am about 2 cm dilated and 70% effaced.   Any. Minute. Now. Hahaha!


Well, we know I'm ready for baby, but I just wanted to jot down a few more things.  I have reverted back to first trimester eating habits somewhat---like chicken/meat just really turns my stomach.  I have been eating very lightly and really find it strange because I didn't have this with Brooke at all.  After my Mexican meal Sunday night, I tried eating a chicken dish I prepared Tuesday night and just felt sick all night--like a sour stomach.  So, I am trying to eat easily digestible proteins and listen to my body.  Fruits and carbs…is what it is.  Some nights I get great sleep and others I'm tossing/turning and up every other hour using the bathroom it seems.  I have napped a few times when Brooke goes down and that seems to help.

At the present moment I am eerily calm and okay with where things are at.  I am obsessed with trying to keep the house clean, so that when we do leave/come home it won't be a disaster.  #nesting  I am trying not to feel too guilty about not cooking lavish meals, but I must say not messing up the kitchen is a glorious thing!! I just feel bad because Brooke and Joe still need to eat, but I have no desire to cook…I am definitely looking into that Blue Apron cooking service so at the very least, Joe could help whip up a meal when he's home when baby does come!!

SO that is the scoop! Thanks for those of you who keep checking in on me.  I will keep everyone updated on Instagram, FB, and eventually here, I promise!

So yeah this sums it up….although this chick looks way less prego than her last month and I am the size of a house. Haha!

Happy Thursday!

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