Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Updates & 39 1/2 weeks Prego

Hello Tuesday, hello friends.

Just checking in to say, I am still here and I am still prego!! We had a low key weekend, and to be honest I still haven't left the house since NYE.  What?! I just have had no place I have felt the need to go and if you're experiencing this polar vortex, well, it is DARN cold, so that's another reason to stay inside.

We do have Brooke's, brace yourself, TWO YEAR checkup.  That still blows my mind, especially since we are *patiently waiting the arrival of our second babe any day!  His due date is Saturday, Brooke officially turns two on Sunday and well, who knows when baby Bradley will make his debut!

Baby Update: (tmi warning)

Maybe he's waiting for daddy to hang his curtains or install his carseat…haha.  Or he is like, 'aww heck no with that 10 degree weather crap!'  Either way, I feel like things are starting to progress.  Sunday night we did have Mexican, so I am not sure if that is the only reason or if it actually kick started something, but without giving too much prego TMI I got up at 5am and let's say, by 3 pm I was cleaned out.  I am so happy I didn't have to go anywhere because the bathroom was where you'd find me.  So with that, my appetite hasn't been the greatest, but I am grateful for Gingerbread bars and light foods.  I felt kind of off and crampy all day, but nothing drastic happened…

Around my belly button has an itchy rash so that's rather annoying. I'm trying to keep it moisturized but it is still SO itchy sometimes.

I soaked up lots of cuddles and snuggles with this one, when she'd let me. She is a bit nutty and runs around the room more than snuggles in my bed, but I'll take what I can get!

I actually slept REALLY well last night, which freaked me out haha.  I had been waking up a lot the last few nights and so to really sleep, was something else! It reminded me of when I had Brooke and she finally slept through the night for the first time, I was in a panic like OH MY GOSH what is wrong!? Nothing. Nothing is wrong haha.

I feel a bit dehydrated today, so my goal is to amp up the fluids and continue eating lightly, but making sure I get my protein.  I really feel more in control this time around and am taking the whole "labor is a marathon" notion to heart.  

We did get a surprise package from my grandma!  Thank you Grandma Owl! I will call you soon!

How cute are these she made?!

And a few cozy sweatshirts for Brooke

On a random note: Someone shoved a fake chicken leg into this.  Daddy is not happy.

I am super excited for all of my teammates who are ready to be #allin I would be lying if I said I wasn't a little sad I can't be challenging along side with everyone, but it is helping me stay focused and keep my mind off of these last few days of being pregnant (which can be very hard!) and I am rooting everyone on, and still trying to eat clean, and very light.

My go to breakfast is two eggs and spinach. I added tomatoes today.  

SO yeah.  I'm alternating between resting and nesting and just trying to fuel my body as best as I can.  I think Joe has some plans to hang with Brooke tonight, not sure what that entails! 

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  1. Thinking about you! Hope that baby comes soon and everything goes smoothly and easily!


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