Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Baby Boy Nursery Reveal

Baby Boy's room is ready…we are only missing one thing: baby boy!!  I am 40 weeks and 4 days pregnant.  Brooke's cold is still pretty bad and I fear my throat is indeed getting even more scratchy.  I cannot fathom giving birth/taking care of a newborn while being sick, so waking up today, I thought to myself, today is not the day!! We will see.

I didn't do a specific theme for his room, but we did do woodland accents, with animals and his sheets have little arrows on them!  The color scheme was blue and orange, with neutral tones.

Mama's hospital bag has been packed and ready for weeks now.  I keep it in here because it's never been used and it's got some snacks in it and I don't want Holly eating them. 

Lion friend is from Grandma Maria, little lovie fox is from Grandma Shari, and the little fox is from mommy.   Daddy and I got that blanket in Mexico on a vacation years ago.

Sheets & Bedskirt are from Land of Nod.

We are using the same glider from Brooke as well as the little "nursing station" cabinet which I've had for years.  The sound machine did wonders for your sister and I hope it will work as well on you too!

Great Grandma Tornatola made your blue blanket and Great Grandma Owl made your burp cloth.

Daddy picked out your lamp at Home Depot I think.  Both Boppy covers were handmade and purchased on etsy.

Sign is from Hobby Lobby.

The changing station.  The hamper was mine I bought years ago, I just bought a net bag for easy transport off of Amazon.

We are using the same changing pad and dresser we used for Brooke.  I purchased the cover off of Amazon.

I grabbed these baskets at Marshall's to organize with.

Your little onesie from Great Grandma Owl...

All of your toys!! I bought this blue basket at Marshalls for our living room awhile back, I think even before I was pregnant.  I love that it is blue and matches for all your toys!  Some are sister's old toys she doesn't really play with and some are brand new, just waiting for you!

Nana and Papa made your sign.

Your closet is full of blankets: some were mommy's, daddy's, sister's, and some are brand new for you! Lots of clothes from newborn-6 month are hung and ready to wear.

We have plenty of diapers too.

The "hole in the wall."  I suppose it's a cool architectural detail, since you can see it from our living room.  However, it was not safe nor sound proof until Daddy and Grandpa installed the plexiglass piece.

I found both the rod and the curtain on  I just wanted something sort of neutral and light, since the room can get dark. I also wanted thermo/blackout curtains, and these are perfect! I can tie it back too, which will be nice.

I love the arrow detail!

Your hospital bag is all packed!! I have some newborn sized clothing we were gifted, but I'm not sure you'll fit considering it's 5-8 lbs and you are already overdue.  Lots of soft and cuddle blankets to cuddle you with, and to take adorable photos of you in!


  1. Adorable Jenn! I LOVE the color!! Ok Bradley...come on out now!!

  2. So cute!!! and I love that crib! Where is it from? We're ready to pick out some furniture for our baby boy's room and we're thinking white too!

  3. Love the name! Hope you are hanging in there!

  4. Bradley great name. You did a great job on his room it so happy for you

  5. Soo cute! It is perfect for him!! He will love it!!


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