Saturday, January 3, 2015

39 weeks with baby #2

Well, I've grown just a tad, I would say?!
38.5 weeks, I basically look the same today at 39.

Symptoms:  I am rather emotional still.  I will watch labor/delivery stories on you tube and just ball my eyes out when the momma gets to hold her babe.  I really am hoping for that immediate skin to skin with my little man, since it did not happen with Brooke.  I know that we cannot control our labors, but that is still a huge wish of mine…along with a safe and healthy delivery (preferably vaginal too).   I had a mini pity party yesterday, as I had dishes and Christmas I wanted to do, but after I put Brooke down, I just rested for a bit.  There was nothing I wanted to read or watch. I was miserable.  After a few pathetic tears, I got up and just started power wrapping all the ornaments and got that done!  Feels so much better.

I still have the pain where his foot is; it's like a burning that just doesn't stop. Constantly sore. I am thinking the only way it will go away is when he is out.

TMI-- my body is a bit whacky in the 'going' department, and so I am doing a fiber drink daily to help that, along with probiotics, lots of fluids, and trying to still up the greens.  I was doing great, but lately it's slowed down, no bueno.  

Running hot.  I have been cold all pregnancy but towards the end I am starting to sweat; like clockwork every night around 11 I am so hot!  I am trying to keep cool.

Cravings: Salads, green smoothies, and health food. All the holiday junk was fun and all, but I am ready to be back in the groove. I am also craving a sweaty workout, which I remember desperately wanting with Brooke!

Rings: Still on!  I don't have much swelling at all.  A little at the end of the day or if I am getting hot.

Labor Signs:  Still lots of cramping/braxton hicks.  Some of which I am like whoaaaa!  Which is exciting, but nothing consistent. I am just hoping they're helping baby down further, making me more dilated and effaced.

I lost my mucus plug with Brooke and so I have it in my head, that until that happens, I am not any where close to labor.  Unless my water breaks, but again, that happened way late in the game. #41weeks  I just worry a bit because I do know I need the antibiotics for GBS about 4 hours before I give birth, so I want to make sure I get to the hospital in time.

I don't feel like leaving the house much either.  Like legit, days go by without me going any where. I may walk across the driveway to get our mail today, but other than that, no plans.  The weather looks to be crummy this week, so I probably won't do much again this week either!  I think that's kinda normal, as I have read/watched other mommas kinda hibernate at home until they are ready to give birth.  I'm sure there are some who are all out and about too, but this is just how I feel.

Meanwhile, as we prepare Brooke for a baby brother...

She is "baking her baby!" I about died when I saw her do that.  It was quite funny.  She has been saying "brother" instead of just baby, and kissing my belly which is really sweet.  I can't wait to have both babes in my arms!

My girlfriend Kristin brought us this adorable diaper cake! How fun is this?  You can never have enough diapers, that's for sure!!

And of course, I am still trying to find the humor in my discomfort.

It's to the point where I can't just bend/reach to do anything, I really have to squat or leave it. Homestretch. Could be any moment or in 2 weeks... We shall see!!!


  1. Hang in there you are at the home stretch! You look great by the way! Good luck and speedy delivery.


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