Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Brooke's 2nd Birthday {Frozen}

On Sunday January 11, our little Brooke turned 2!  To be quite honest, I didn't even think that we would be able to have a party because I thought baby boy would make an appearance!  I tried my best to not stress out and get all Type-A like I usually do.  It was hard because I LOVE party planning. I love hosting and having people over.  I absolutely love cooking and having a house full of people.  Well, when you're past your due date and aren't sure when #2 will make his arrival, ya just don't have the stamina to go all out and Pinterest-y.  [like her first birthday here]

When she woke up we gave her one of her gifts.  I found it on E-bay for $20--score!  My friend had told me that her kids loved having a tent to play house, put their babies in, or just go hide.  I thought it was the perfect size and she loves the crowns.  I will most likely put it in her room once the pack-and-play and swing make their way back into our living room.

She immediately brought her blankets and toys inside.

Despite her cold, she was a happy happy girl!

Even Holly checked out the new toy.  

As for the party details, it was a very short guest list.  I only invited close family, no friends.  I just didn't want to have to worry about calling too many people IF we had to call it off.  

My sister had our cake made. It was the same lady who did our wedding cake, bridal shower, and previous birthday cakes.  How adorable?  This is her photo:

We added the Elsa doll and Brooke just about died she was so happy with it!

The only other "Frozen" theme thing I did was find a punch.  

Recipe calls for: 
Blue Hawaiian punch
Splashes of pineapple juice
vanilla ice cream

Hubby went to the store and couldn't find Blue Hawaiian punch, so he grabbed a bottle of gatorade.  I didn't expect it to taste very good, but WOW. Everyone loved it haha!  It looked even cooler as the "snow melted" on top.  Definitely a hit with the girls.

Back when I was ordering Christmas gifts off Amazon, I also ordered just one set of decorations, cups and plates too.  Simple, yet added just a little something extra to make it feel like a party.  I know Brooke won't remember, but I will.

Our niece Adri playing with Brooke.  

Nana and Papa

Instead of a lavish spread, we opted for pizza and boneless wings.  Best idea ever.  No dishes to do and no real mess to clean.  This prego was happy.  And Brooke?  Oh she just loves pizza.  Just not the crust.


Adri was such a big helper and really such a wonderful big cousin to Brooke.  

She got her very own puppy purse like her big cousin's!!

She also received some new food to play kitchen with. 

Everything was, "ooooo" and "wow."  Once again, it was so much fun to see her open things.

Her first American Girl Doll.  It will be a "special toy" only to be played with highly supervised.

I think it will be perfect, especially if she's starting to feel left out while I nurse baby boy, she can play with her baby.

Showing Uncle Eric!

She got new oven mitts and a chef's hat to do her cooking with.

She loved showing everything to everyone.

Great Grandma picked out this outfit, I mean come on.  How stinking cute is it?!  I want one in my size haha

Daddy helped her cut her cake.

She was like, whoa!

This stuff is pretty good.

Man, why don't we get this ice cream stuff more often?!

We keep trying to teach her that she's "Two" and she says two, but shows us 4 fingers.

We had a moment in the kitchen and Mama D captured it---thank you!!  I just love this little girl.

I tried to keep the party short, as it it was a Sunday and I know people have other things they need to do, plus we were tired.  Brooke fell asleep on Daddy for a nap, which NEVER happens! 

I may have pulled out my Valentine's Day decor too, but only because I know I won't be thinking about it once baby boy arrives.  I just love, love.

It was a beautiful day full of lots of love.  I still cannot believe it was two years ago that we brought her into this world and are waiting (any minute!) for the arrival of her sweet little brother.  Here's to a wonderful year, filled with many incredible experiences to come.  This year will be many more 'firsts' and we can't wait to see all the joy you will bring. Happy Birthday Brooke Lynn. Mommy and Daddy love you more than you will ever know!  


  1. SO cute!!! What a special day for the cutest 2 year old ever. That punch looks amazing and that cake - I mean really!? So cute. You are beautiful mama. Glowing!!

  2. So glad Brookes special day will still be her special day and little man will have his own as well! Looks like the party was a success!

  3. Glad you were able to have the party without a "run to the hospital"... but hoping that baby gets a moving now. LOL

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