Friday, September 4, 2015

5 on Friday

Happy Friday!! I am loving this weather and loving even more than my husband has Monday off!  He has to work Saturday, but that's ok.  We have a kid free night and will be going out to dinner with a bunch of fun people!  I'm looking forward to some family time this long weekend and lots of sun. As for the blog, I am really trying to make an effort here because I just love writing and posting my thoughts.  I really enjoy going back and reading them too!  It's been awhile, so I thought I'd share some favorites on this gorgeous Friday.

If there is one book I'd recommend it's this one.  I waited for it FOREVER at the library and it came in when we were on vacation.  BOO.  So I just bit the bullet and bought it, and boy am I glad I did! It's very intense, like I can't just part with ALL of my stuff, though I should try a little harder…but she has some very valid points and I can say that I LOVE looking at my fridge now that it is not completely covered in clutter!  I am definitely going to implement more from this, but I truly believe in what she says about energy and our belongings.  If you don't 100% love something,  I know it's hard when there are multiple people living in the house, but it feels so good to have less stuff.

order here--[book]

Nope. Not ready to let go of Summer and my easy go to outfit of comfy cut off shorts, a white tee and a kimono.  I am gonna rock this as long as I can…aka until the snow starts to fly?!
Kimono- Gift from TJ Maxx {Similar/fall styles here}
Tee- Express
Shorts- Express


I am a sun goddess. I love the sunshine. The warmth. The golden color that shines on my skin.  I don't love the C word and am terrified of getting too much sun, and I hate to admit it, but some of my "freckles" now appear to be dark spots. Frown.  So, instead of sitting in the sun, I decided I am going to try more sunless tanners. I don't love the smell of most of them and I am kind of a baby and don't want to pay all that money and look orange at a salon.  Megan reached out to me and had me convinced to try some of this.  HOLY COW!  Total game changer.  It has a slight scent, but nothing too potent. I exfoliated, shaved, applied 2 pumps per area/calves, thighs, arms, chest/tummy…and am SOLD. I only wish I had tried it sooner!! My husband even commented how tan I looked and he loved it! I believe a nice tan does help show off your body and just gives you that 'healthy glow.'

I need to work on applying it to my feet--haha oops! (I'm still getting used to it.)  But look at that color on my legs!! #sold

[order here]


My kids.  I am not going to lie, this is the first Fall I kind of missed going back to school--teaching. I dunno why. I haven't taught since 2011.  I think part of it is social media, seeing everyone get all dressed up in new clothes and get ready to go back…but then I stopped and really reflected what would cause that?  What is the root?  I started focusing on all the wonderful aspects that I can be a part of, not having to rush out of the door at 6:30.  [such as make a leisure breakfast, sip out of a ceramic mug, and not have to rush any where if I don't want to…and most importantly, be with my babes.] I know they won't be this little forever and so I'm embracing my normal and snapped this shot before we went to the library/park.

And although I'm not ready for the Fall, ok I am ready for Fall, not Winter! But I am excited for what lies ahead! I have purchased my 24 day challenge and am going to compete in a transformation contest! I need the accountability and encouragement.  It's not about the number on the scale, but I am definitely not as healthy as I want to be, and I definitely need to check myself!  Summer BBQs, wine time, and well just easy breezy on the go living has made for some not so great habits.  
-Free Coaching
-Meal plans
-Shopping lists
-online support

Besides, it's $1000 contest---you could win Cash and Advo goodies.  Woo! If you'd like to join in on the fun with me, I'd love to challenge with you!

That's all for now lovelies!! 

Have a beautiful weekend.

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  1. I LOVE kimonos!! I want them all! ha ha! You look great mama!


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