Monday, September 21, 2015

Currently Cooking [cleansing]

Happy Monday!

I'm sitting down to eat my lunch: (leftover chicken, rice, greens and a little salsa) and so I wanted to share what else I've been cooking up! We had a nice little weekend; a much needed day of rest yesterday after a whirlwind of <crap> that happened last week.  We played with the kids, had a nice fire, and just watched football.  I'm really taking a good look at a lot of things in life, and one of them is our food. Boy, do I know how much work it takes to cook meals for 4 people all day long, but it's so worth it to hear my husband say how great his body feels this morning.  I feel awesome too, which I knew I would because Advo is the best.

So with the chilly temps upon us, I am truly getting into better shape, mentally, emotionally and physically.

So yesterday I was in the mood for some "comfort food."  I had a spaghetti squash, so I made some homemade sauce.  I just EVOO, onions, garlic powder, crushed tomatoes for the sauce and let it simmer.   I baked the squash at 400 for 35 minutes.  And I basically used this recipe for the meatballs [here].   Now of course my Italian hubby ate regular penne pasta, but he actually did enjoy the meatballs!

Earlier in the day I threw a whole chicken in, some onion & garlic on the bottom, herbs on top.  Slow cooked that bird til she fell apart!

Other news-I really try to buy organic chicken, but I had a coupon and lately I've been eating my weight in poultry, so I grabbed these in case of emergencies.  WINNING.  You can add any flavor you want, microwave, warm up in skillet, whatever.  I like that I have them on hand in case I get hangry and have nothing else.

I lived off of hummus chicken last week.  Totally honest: I didn't mind it. I used garlic hummus, but it still could have used more seasonings.  I ate it all week, but I'm not that picky…Joe didn't like it and neither did Brooke.  Noted.

My breakfast is pretty standard. Some days I throw in spinach, others I just do 2 eggs, scrambled or over easy. A little avo. 1 piece of ezekial bread.

I also had turkey chili a lot last week.  Brooke liked it, which shocked me because it was a little spicy.  Joe can't eat it because of all the beans.  I just dump in tomatoes, canned and fresh, whatever I have.  Spices. Beans. Ground turkey.

So while the babes are still napping, I'm off to menu plan for this week! I'm craving soups because it's chilly! I'm a few days out from the Max phase, which I'll ease up my eating a little bit….like I've been #onfleek haha ok, on point with my eating no joke.  I haven't even used honey…so I am going to make some overnight oats and energy bites.

Any recipes out there that are fairly clean you wanna share?? I love new recipes.  Have a great day!

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  1. I'm on the verge of a meal plan breakthrough lol. I'm also going to be hosting a healthy crockpot group on facebook. You should join!


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