Wednesday, September 9, 2015

A first, Kids' Fall Haul [vlog], and a Carseat question

Our BIG boy sitting up in a cart. I've been putting it off because, well, having Brooke not in the cart scares the daylights out of me.  I'm paranoid someone will try to take her, or that she'll destroy the store.  Either way, we finally bit the bullet and successfully shopped at, none other, Wally world!

She found this toddler minnie bed that she may have fit into when she was like one, but she's so big poor thing needed a real bed!

This one kills me.  "But I LOBBB it mommy."  Which was of course, everything in the store!! And she insisted on saying, "take my picture, cheeeeeese!"

Look at all these finds!  I am not ready to whip out the pumpkins and decorate, but I know it's the time to grab anything we may like!

Totally random but we need more carseats for bubs. I need to do some research, but anyone know about the Graco line? We had the infant carrier, worked well for both kiddos.  But I wasn't sure about these.  I like the basic black.

But the houndstooth detail is fun too.

I should have put the phone the other way, sorry, but at least you may get a glimpse of something you may like for your kiddos.  Cute stuff at decent prices.


  1. We have the Graco 4ever car seat for #babybigtruck and we love it! I actually started using it when she was about 4 moths because the infant seat got heavy with her in it.

  2. We have the Graco contender 65 and love it! It was easy to install and easy to adjust for different heights


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