Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Ending September with a case of the Sickies!

Hey there, is this thing on?!  Wowie it has been a little hectic around these parts.  Babes have come down with their first cold of the season, and first one ever for bubs.  Nothing major, but enough for mama to stress over.  Plus, I think I have it too, I'm just fighting it off like a boss.  Or trying to, but the constant wakes in the middle of the night are taking a toll on me, so I need to get back into things.  I realized that I have now been blogging for 4 years.  I started this little old site back in 2011, when life was like…super…super….simple.  Of course my old self thought I was really busy and had tons going on, but reality?  It was me. Joe. 2 dogs. And I was a housewife.  What the heck?!  I think about that time often and and so grateful we were able to have it.  As much as I longed to be a mommy, I am so thankful we had some precious time just us two.

{first post evaaaaaa:  here}

I must say, I've done a lot of growing up.   A lot because, well, mostly it's just me.  And Joe.  He's always with me, but usually at work.  But any time I need him, I know he's got my back.  I have a few good friends I can rely on, and of course there are parents.  

But I think you get to a point in life where you realize that no one is really ever going to be what you want them to be.  I could sit and whine, cry, and write about how I really feel about things, or I can just pick myself up and realize that this is my life and all I can do is focus on the good.  It could always be worse.

That said, here's some lightheartedness to share off my mind…

Meet my new bff.  Orange OTG.  OMG. Haha it's really so good! I like all the flavors, but my fave is the orange and it's out of stock. SAD FACE.  I never like the G stuff with tons of sugar you can buy at any old store, but this stuff?? Heaven in a to go container.  Love love love.

Fall at the Farmer's market.  We were able to buy this with ONE $20 bill y'all.  Yes, purple cauliflower! It didn't taste any different than the reg, but man wouldn't that make a puurdy little smashed cauli recipe? I just roasted mine in the oven, but it was good!  And on top of being sick, Brooke had this habit of scratching her nose with her finger as she sucked her thumb.  Finally I got smart and stock socks on her hands like I did when she was a baby.  I think it has improved since this photo…

Friday the new iPhones arrived at our house!! I was ridiculously excited and probably wayyyyy too into the fact that I was getting a new phone. .  . only to find out somehow instead of rose gold, a gold was ordered and so that is what showed up at my house.  Hubby had his brand new silver/grey and I was all like….wahhhhhh.  I couldn't figure out if I was more upset about not getting my phone, or if I was more mad at myself for being that upset.  Either way, I now have to wait until NOVEMBER for my phone to ship.  The #strugglewasreal and I could have just kept the gold, but I reeeeeeeeally like the pink (rose gold) so patience is a virtue or something like that.  I just keep telling myself it's just a stupid phone….but no really, I almost cried. I'm awful!

This little peanut was the worst on Saturday.  I have never seen him so sick.  He just wanted to sleep and cuddle.

Sunday we had a lovely Fall day, but still had the sickies, so we spent some time outside while Joe grilled dinner.

He was still pretty clingy Sunday, but he seemed a bit better.

Monday was a long, long day and Brooke was really feeling awful.  We did a lot of TV time and snuggles.  She seems much better today (Tuesday) but I'm still trying to keep her low key.

Both kids are down napping, right now…Bradley just coughed and woke himself up so I hope he goes back to sleep.  I just wanted to write a little bit, so I can look back and see how we ended the month of September back in 2015…

I've been putting myself on the back burner (again) because that is what we do as mommies.  But I need to do something to make myself feel good, so I am going to get a quick workout in.
A nice hot shower.
Put some real clothes on and some makeup!
I still feel congested and post nasal is driving me crazy, but I think if I sweat some toxins out, it may help?!
We have a fun October ahead, so I hope we all get healthy and well soon.

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