Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Fall Bucket List/October Goals

I am ready to say goodbye to September and bring on all things pumpkin and spooky related!! My husband's birthday is Friday October 9th, and although he's working a darn sale all day, I am excited about birthdays in general.  I know Brooke will get a kick out of it too, since she loves balloons and well, what's a birthday without balloons?  I dunno why, but that is my motto.

My "Fall" Bucket list:

  • Family photos with leaves changing.  This is NON negotiable Jennifer Lynn! Seriously, my adorable family needs some family photos. I think we are gonna bust out the tripod and have to do this. I have a few areas in mind that I want to shoot too.  I am going to try my best to get some of the kids too…because time is a flying people!
  • Cozy movie night with candles and a fire.  We just need a good movie…suggestions?!
  • A haunted hay ride
  • Farmer's market Thursdays
  • My goal is 5 pumpkin patches this month with the kiddos!
  • Puppy Pancake breakfast 10/9…Brooke is going to lose her mind!
  • Find halloween costumes for all of us.  We are actually going to an adult Halloween Party and I hate to say it, but I don't love dressing up?! I know. I know. I do love dressing up, but I hate spending money on costumes. Creative ideas, and go?!
  • Bake apple pies
  • Get to the museum of play
  • Read books about Fall and spend as much time as we can outside!
  • My personal goals are to continue to work on myself.  I am getting out of the house by myself at least once a week.  It's amazing what a trip to the library in my ride listening to adult music will do for ya!  I always say I will be right back and I take longer because it's so quiet and nice in a library…I need to go there more often.
  • Get dressed in real clothes. I have lived in yoga pants and shorts all summer. I don't like it. I want to feel pretty and girlie and cute.  So what if the kids get my clothes messy? No more excuses!
  •  I also will continue to grow my Advo biz and help other others with health and finances.  I just love being able to do that!  
  • I am also putting myself on another spending freeze.  We are about to go spend a lot of money on some land that we will be able to build a dream house on.   It's beyond exciting and so I am going to be pinching pennies for awhile.  Little things like Brooke's winter coat still fitting from last year are very exciting!!  
  • I also am trying to sell some of our baby stuff as we won't need it any longer.  I just want to have a big old yard sale next summer.  All kids clothes $2 a piece!  Cha-ching. 
  • Physically I will continue to workout and I will make it to Yoga once a week. I just have to make it happen.  I know it will be so good for me, I just need to do it.  
  • Lastly, I will finish a book. I start books but don't always finish them.  Sometimes that is okay, but I just got Girl on the Train and so I am hoping I finish that one.  

What are your Fall must dos??

Bradley says one pumpkin is not enough!!


  1. I totally need to do this - Gary and I are struggling to find time for each other and actually to do family things as the kids get older! OY - Making the TIME is so important!

    1. YES!! I can only imagine wrangling 3 kiddos and their schedules, plus all that you and Gary do. Just breathe and take time to make sure everything gets a turn--one month focus on you/one month you and gary/etc. You're an amazing woman!!


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