Friday, September 18, 2015

5 on Friday!

Even though it feels like Summer, Fall is right around the corner! We had our first official fire of the season Sunday.  Hard to believe with temps in the 80's, but it was really chilly (50's and rain) when we had one!  I am looking to many comfy moments with my little family right here in this very room.

Cozy Fires

Being that my husband does finance for a Chevy store, whenever they take in a too good to pass up deal, is usually when I get a new car.  This time happened to be a 2013 suburban! It really doesn't feel any different driving than my Yukon, but obviously it's a little longer in the trunk.  It's really nice to have a sun roof again; I really missed that! I am also happy that there are captain seats. Usually I was fan of a bench, so that I could go back and tend to the kids, but they're pretty self sufficient at this point and if they need me, I'm driving and I need to pull over anyway.  Plus in my Yukon, we had to put the seats next to each other since there was no clip behind me, so that was already causing issues with "Brudder touching me!" Oh, how I forgot about sibling fights haha.

A new truck!

Pumpkin everything!! I am so happy these are back in stock and it saved me during my cleanse the night I had to pick my truck up.  Everyone else was eating pizza, ((drool)) but I had my handy shake in my purse and enjoyed a healthy and filling shake!


I scored these adorable boots from Marshall's.  They were pretty reasonable (29.99) and I cannot wait to pair them with leggings, skinny jeans, dresses and pixie pants!


My friend Ann randomly sent this to me yesterday.  She didn't realize how much I needed to see it. Sometimes we go through some tough times in life and we just have to really be strong.  It's a daily workout for the mind, but it's so important to focus on the good in life, realize what and who matters most and work very hard at preserving it.  There will be times when you just have to learn to close a door, or just not open it, when negativity comes a knocking. 

Be positive and strong. 

That is all! Have a wonderful day and enjoy each moment of this precious thing called life.


  1. OMG!! LOVE those boots!! Going to have to hit up a Marshall's and see if we have them. So cute!

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