Monday, December 28, 2015

2016: Succeed

With the New Year right around the corner, I am so very excited to have KEEP in my future.  We are about to launch a new line of letters and celebrate the new year with one word.  My word that I chose is SUCCEED.  I want to succeed as a wife, mother, in life and of course my new biz!  I have big dreams and hefty goals for you 2016, I hope you're ready for me!

 I just love all of the positivity that surrounds this company and I cannot believe how much fun I am having!  I am reconnecting with so many girlfriends and enjoying their special moments with them.  It's seriously a blast.

If you're thinking you'd like something new to do in the New Year, you love people and fun personalized jewelry, this could be for you!  I was so excited the other night that I had to sit down and make a quick video about the extra perk of signing up NOW!  You get an extra $50 credit to pick out even more jewelry to add to your kit.  KEEP has never done anything like this and they are celebrating their one year anniversary.  Now is for sure the best time to join and grow with this incredible company.

The best part is that it's whatever you make of it! If you want to do a little on the side, no worries! If you want to earn enough to buy your own pretties, awesome! If you're looking for more income, that is totally possible too!  Join me~  There are tons of groups on Facebook that we all connect and chat on, plus having mentors is always super helpful.

I also wanted to share what my KEEP collection looks like in just a few weeks into this biz.  I love sharing my stories through personalized pieces!  

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