Monday, December 14, 2015

Where are you Christmas?

Happy Monday!!

Not going to lie, the nice weather [hello 60 degrees in upstate NY in December!] but alas, I am still...

It's kind of weird and eery that it is this warm outside!! I am going to take the kiddos outside in a bit and maybe draw with chalk, because when else can I draw Christmas-like objects in our driveway appropriately?

At least I have Christmas sprinkled all throughout our house.

Friday night we had a sitter come over so we could get a little Christmas shopping done. We grabbed sushi, did a fair amount of shopping (still not 100% done, but almost!) and then got home to see that we were ELFED.  They left this and two cute hot chocolate we are supposed to elf two more people. I need to get on that...

Saturday night was a wild one!! I munched on some tasty rice crisps \\ they totally taste like cheese doodles, but a little bit better for you?! haha \\ and I worked on my fun new little business.

Sunday morning I whipped up the usual, eggs & bacon.  This {Monday} morning I made breakfast so fast and got Joe out the door in time for work, he said I should open a breakfast joint serving fresh, but fast, food.  Could be fun! haha

Joe went hunting as it was the last day for that, and I took the kids to a little birthday party.

They both had a ball and everyone did great.

She was a little party animal and it got me really excited for her party in January!

I am lusting over this look!! If it ever does snow, I would love to be wearing this gorgeous North Star key & all the pavĂ© to go with it!  Seriously stunning. 

In one week I have totally rocked this new business! I sat on the fence awhile, as I really wanted to be 100% sure I could give my all, be happy with my choice and have enough time for mom/wife duties. HOLY COW.  I cannot tell you how happy I am! I have so much fun helping others find meaningful pieces so that when they look down throughout the day, it gives them a quick little smile. 

I love that it's still a new company, I mean it will be ONE year old in January, so there is so much room for growth and development, it's crazy! I know that my Advo journey taught me a lot, like sooooo much about working with people and direct sales etc.  I enjoyed that for what it was, but this jewelry gig and spreading happy-that is just so me.  If I could give everyone just a little more "happy" in the world I would.  It's a dark and scary place out there and I know there is a lot of heavy stuff going on, but on the day to day to keep reminding us that it is our right to be happy, I enjoy that.  

A lot.   

When I hit my first bonus, I was really SO proud of myself.  It's been awhile since I felt that sense of accomplishment!  Thank you for everyone who is encouraging me on my new venture!

I have my Social Launch party tomorrow night and I'm excited and hope that we have fun 'wining and designing.'   Joe may take Brooke out to dinner again and that will be nice for them!  It's funny because sometimes things just fit right into your life, without much effort.  Sure you have to play around a little bit, but for the most part, I am pretty good at reading if it's meant to be, it seriously works out just fine! 

I made a business instagram Keep_Designer_Jenn if you're interested in following some fashion/jewelry looks, feel free to follow! I'll share some on my personal page too, but I made that account private, as I share so much of our babies there, it made me feel better.  

If you've been eyeing KEEP and are interested in hosting an online social to earn freebies, or even interested in being your own boss, let me know! I would love to build a team and keep sharing happiness!  It's such a great group of women empowering other women.  That. I. LOVE.  I only wished I had joined sooner!

Have a lovely day & stay beautiful xox


  1. I have such mixed feelings about the weather, too! I love being able to walk Clem and enjoy the outdoors this time of the year, but...gah! It's weird!!! I want it to be Christmassy and cold. And I'm always dreaming of a white Christmas, of course!

    I have been admiring your Keep Collective watches! Once my bank account gets back to normal after the holidays, I am going to let myself more properly peruse. They are so my style!

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