Thursday, December 31, 2015

Out with the Old, in with the NEW!

Brooke turned 2.

We had a baby boy.

I struggled with nursing and switched to formula.

First family of 4 holiday. 

Celebrated being a momma of 2

We enjoyed Summer.

We took a family vacation to ADK.

Hubby & I loaded up on Date Nights

We bought 20 acres of land 

A Dragon & Anna

I launched my new biz

Just a few of our highlights!!  Ups & downs.  Successes and mistakes.  Tears & smiles.  I wouldn't change any of it, as it is leading us into a brand new chapter of us.

I am so ready for this New Year----to the point where my head is almost spinning!  I have so many thoughts about last year and in typical fashion, I am trying my very hardest to focus on the good.  2015 taught me a lot, which is great.  You're never supposed to stop learning.  I've also taken a few steps in better directions regarding balance, and I want to continue to do that.  I have so much to be grateful for, and one thing I am going to work really hard at this New Year is to wake up and focus on 3 things I am thankful for.  I will record them in my journal as well.

I believe everything happens for a reason, and I keep hearing that idea of "gratitude" being thrown my way, so I best start opening these old ears, tinnitus and all, and listen.  My thoughts are if I really focus on what we have, all the beautiful abundant gifts right in front of me I will be--


Need more inspiration for being grateful?  Check this out...Gratitude

I am going to really work with what I have and use it all to my full potential.  Sometimes I get all wrapped up in reading articles, dreaming about what is the next best thing, and really?  I should just take a step back and breathe.  Breathe in the moments with the babies.  Breathe in the mess.  Breathe in the current state of my being.  Breathe in my almost 8 years with my husband.   Just breathe!!

Here's to a beautifully epic New Year!! 


  1. Love this! Happiest of new years to you, friend!

    1. Thank you!!! Happy New Year to you and your sweet family!!!

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