Saturday, December 5, 2015

Arm Candy

I'm all about a good stack!! I love mixing all of the colors, silver, gold, rose gold--and these pieces can turn any boring old outfit into a fun little arm party!  KEEP Collective has so many fun additions for every day and going out!  See more here. 

The sophistication of the gold bands, silver, and a watch scream classic!

I love how you can totally match your clothes and your wrist love.

Remember when we were little and it was cool to wear holiday jewelry? Well guess what, it's cool again!! How adorable are these keys?

I just ordered the "Believe" key!

My personal arm party?  I always reach for the wrap bracelet!!

See, there it is again! 

This is the grey side of the wrap bracelet.

Want to see more? Head over to my social and check it out!  I can add you on FB if you're interested in seeing more pretty arm candies too!


  1. Ok see now I like that wrap bracelet at the end! Cute cute!

    1. Seriously, I usually don't wear jewelry with the babes, but this I can wear!! I reach for it every day I leave the house! Maybe we can hook you up with some freebies if you host an online social?

  2. I wear my wrap watch A LOT! It's the perfect bit of glitz!

    I love that Stella & Dot has found a way to make holiday jewelry posh and fun without seeming tacky or childish!

    1. YES!! That is exactly how I feel. It's such a strange, serious time in our world, so it's nice to have silly/fun jewelry to look down and smile at…or at least that is how I feel!

  3. I love the middle bracelet on that first stack!


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