Monday, December 7, 2015

Mommy Monday & Last Day for Giveaway!

How is it December 7th already?! Christmas used to take forever as a kid, but I swear time goes even faster now that I'm a mama!

I just wanted to share a few silly phone pics that I have taken.  The only time I seem to get a still shot of this one, is in his high chair.  He loves his baba so much!  Eggs, fruit? Eh, not so much.

I'll gladly kiss this little santa!

I ordered Brooke's Christmas Eve, NYE, Birthday Dress---OMG!

Hopefully she'll have more smiles than this, but lately I say, "cheese!" And she gives me this.

We've had fun decorating trees!

"cooking" in the play kitchen and decking the halls down there.

Having fun with garland, then he tried to eat it.

Take a nice close look at the bottom: Brooke decorated it and I don't have the heart to move them.  My OCD has taken a back seat.

We had some fun at the Christmas in the Village.

Brooke's pony ride

Nana & the girls

And this sums up what it's like to grocery shop with these two crazies!

Today is the last day for my Stella & Dot Blog & Bling!!  My friend Jamie just got her Cady bracelet in the mail today and it looks so pretty!  Remember, every order placed through this party will be entered to win a giveaway of a wishing bracelet of your choice. 

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