Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Leading up to Christmas

We've been enjoying a little bit everything around here.  Last Monday it was 70 degrees and we played with bubbles. Crazy!  Today it's in the 50's but rainy.

I've been playing around with my new KEEP goodies.  I love the multi-chain necklace and the protection of the hamsa.  I will take anything that wards off evil and negativity.   #begone

Bath time is rather interesting with this one! He is all boy and so full of energy.  I can barely get him to sit on his bottom to wash him up!

Brookie's going through some lovey phases and will randomly tell us how much she loves us and likes to hug.

Thursday night hubs and I snuck out a few hours to knock off some more shopping.  We also enjoyed a little steak dinner!  I am loving this super fun arm candy...makes my boring old outfits pop!

Friday brought Santa visit!

Baby boy was all smiles and Miss Brooke took it rather seriously.

And at the very end, she runs back and says, "Oh yeah and Paw-trol!"  I about died. She is so cute.

Then Saturday came with dance class and this little ballerina!  This is her Rockin Robin costume.  I cannot wait to see them in the recital in June.

I had so much fun at my launch social!  I have some very sweet and supportive friends.  I'm having a ball styling and designing for them!  Here is Jamie's look-love the blessed key on the rose gold mesh & the classic pavé time key! Shop here. {ps it's a mystery hostess link, so when you order you'll go into the lottery to win goodies!}

My dear friend Alison came over on Saturday and we baked...

and baked!  They all came out so good and we were done by 2pm.  #winning

Of course with all these sweets, we need to remember to be aware of good health! I am all about some wine, cookies & delicious menu items, but it's so good to keep ourselves in check.  Advo launched their ALL-IN which is a great deal--hello, free shipping! Pre-orders are available. 

If I can be totally honest, I am working hard at keeping my "happy" on at times.  This time of year can be hard because you have expectations of other people and as we all know, you can't change or fix anyone.  I wrote a whole post, which felt great, but I don't feel like hitting publish.  It takes a lot of mental work to push out the negative thoughts and just focus on the good.  And that is what Joe and I continue to do.  We have two healthy gorgeous babies and it is our very first Christmas as a family of four.  We will continue to focus on that and what really matters.  It probably doesn't help I'm fighting off a chest cold and don't feel 100% myself.  Plus I cannot believe we are already looking at pre-schools for Fall of 2017 for Brooke and of course planning her 3rd and bubs' 1st birthday party.

Time just won't slow down!  Either way, we have some errands to run so I'm hoping after nap time the rain lets up and we can get some things done.  

So I figured I would just get that off my mind because I am sure there are others out there who don't feel all holly jolly and Christmas-like at the moment and that is okay.  But if you can keep looking at all the good in your life and focus on what brings a smile to your face, then it will all be okay.  

Stay beautiful friends~

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