Friday, February 19, 2016

Mama's Day Off

When I know I will have a few hours to myself, I immediately go through 100 things in my head that I'd like to accomplish.  It's funny how much time we have to ourselves before kids.  Before kids, I didn't realize what a luxury it was to run simple errands without having to take the kids in and out of their carseats.  I really hate taking them in and out for quick trips that take longer to get them buckled and unbuckled than actually doing the task!!  So I really made the most of my kid free day.  I am so grateful that my dad and step-mom took the kids so I could get so much done!! Thank you!

I had an early morning Dr appointment at 7:40 with a new practice.  I love the office and they were all really nice.  I scheduled an upper GI scope and am not really looking forward to it, but I want to know what is going on in my digestive tract!

After that I went to Starbucks and sat.  Alone.  I scheduled some things for KEEP, I organized my planner, and I finished my grocery list.   It was really nice to just sit and be.

I had to get some more blood work done and then I hit up the grocery store.

After grocery shopping I ran home, unloaded all of the food and then went to pick up some yummy Cuban subs for hubby and I.  We ate them rather quickly and then it was off to the spa for a quick appointment!

After that I grabbed the dry cleaning and decided I wanted to look around the library.  I love taking the kids, but they don't like the adult section (go figure!) so I picked out a few books that caught my eye. Of course I had to get some for the kiddos too!

My truck was disgusting from all of the salt all over the roads, so I took that to car wash (again, no screaming kids who hate the car wash!!) And then it was time to go clean up before hubs got home.  I really like the floors clean and I knew if I did them before he got home, we'd have a clean floor for a little while.  You betcha I blared that rap music!

I celebrated National Drink Wine Day with a glass of sauvignon blanc and hubby seared some scallops in a pan.  Cheers!

We watched a movie with the surround sound on and didn't worry about waking up the littles!  We were in bed by 10 and up by 7 this morning.

And now?  I'm ready to get our little babes.  I feel refreshed from having a bit of a break from changing diapers, meeting the constant demands and the never ending feeding cycles of two growing kids.  Mama is ready to be a mama once again.

What do you do with a day off?  

Stay beautiful xox


  1. Sounds like a super productive days! I need a day like this soon! Miss our chats!

    1. Yes, I really needed to get all of that done!! Now if I could make myself sit down and read the books I got!! haha

  2. I need a day like this!!!! Glad you were able to enjoy.

    1. Thank you!! Yes, I waited far too long and wish I could have more...everyone needs a catch up day!

  3. This certainly makes me look forward to my next day off from work. Although I don't have any little ones to zap my energy just yet, my work keeps me busy almost everyday. A lot of times, I neglect personal errands. This is a great reminder for me to make time to squeeze them in and take time for my own schedule.

    Alison Norman @ Power Boss


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