Sunday, February 21, 2016

Sunday Sweats

2 years ago my friend Nikki and I hosted a workout linkup that was really quite helpful! We had a bunch of people who would link up and share there workouts.  I need to start this again.  Even if I'm the only one, I need to hold myself accountable and not be a quitter.  So? Every Sunday, my goal is to post my workouts and my weekly meal plan.

I also know my girl Holly shares her Sunday Sweats here, so I can cheer her on as well!!


I've used every excuse in the book as to why I haven't been working out.  Wanna hear them?  Maybe you're using them to...just saying...

  • I'm a sahm "I HAVE NO TIME". Yeh, okay Jenn.  You have time to scroll FB, Insta, and do a bunch of other time wasters.  Get off your butt.
  • I don't have a gym membership.  Ummmm what about all of the workouts in the drawers? On you tube? 
  • I don't want to waste nap time.  Ya hear me. It's the most precious time of the day! Some days I don't want to use it working out. Ok, workout with your kids and show them what healthy means.
  • I want to workout alone.  Ok, then if you do feel like working alone, do it during nap time!
  • I don't feel well.  This is a huge one lately.  I really haven't been feeling myself and it sucks.  I'm telling myself that if my Gerd or whatever I have is acting up, do yoga or piyo.  Listening to my body will be key.
  • I don't want to get sweaty.  Get over it.  They invented showers.
  • I want new sneakers.  You have a pair that work just fine; maybe use that as a goal for motivation after completing 4 weeks of a program!
  • I am fitting into my skinny jeans.  Yup.  This is now an excuse. #lame  Just because I'm thin doesn't mean I'm healthy.  Do it for even better reasons, real reasons this time Jenn. And STICK to them.
  • I'm too tired.  I bet if you workout, you'll get more energyyyyyyyy~
  • It's too late.  Do it anyway.
  • I don't want to.  Suck it up buttercup.
And there you have it!! This will be my rationale whenever these stupid thoughts come into my head.  I was actually going to start tomorrow, but I thought eff it and start today.  Why waste and put off what I can do right now.

So I did.  And I didn't die. I did realize how weak I have gotten and how much further I need to go.  I also really felt gross when I was doing the ab work as the stomach acids were gurgling up in my throat. I learned not to eat lunch and then do my workout now and maybe not do so much bouncy stuff until I get this reflux situation figured out.

My plan is to do a hybrid of PiYo & 21 Day Fix workouts because I have them and those are my favorites. I need to do this for me.

On a healthier note, I am also going to meal plan better and share it.  It's a little wacky with everyone's dietary needs around here.  Brooke is totally normal and can eat anything, but is picky...Joe has Crohn's so does best on a low fiber diet, mainly pastas, lean proteins, fish.  Bradley has issues with dairy, so he is tricky in that regard.  Any now me?  Oy.  I find anything rich, spicy, or eating too much really triggers me.  Bananas seem to bug me.  Tacos were really dumb to eat along with pasta red sauce.  I'll figure it out as I go....

But for next week, this is what I came up with!  Links below.  *I'll be using ground chicken for my meatloaf muffins, as I have to use it up!*

Meat loaf muffins. Pork Loin. Tilapia. Pasta. Thighs. Sirloin Burgers.


Here is to an amazing week!  Stay beautiful. xox


  1. Definitely feel ya on all of these excuses in my own ways!!! We can totally get this week :-D

  2. I LOVE your writeup of all of your excuses with rebuttals! Haha! :) Amazing.

    And that IS tough with all of those dietary restrictions. Good thing you're a fabulous and creative chef!


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