Sunday, February 28, 2016

Sunday Sweats

I found that above "fitspiration" awhile back and I don't really 100% agree with it right now.  I wanted to feel that way before, but now I just want to keep working out and feeling well.  I know how to eat super clean, but at the moment, I don't want to feel pressured if I do have a slice of my warm, homemade bread with olive oil.  I know now a lot more about moderation and give and take.  Regardless, I will kick my old me's butt when it comes to working out and getting stronger!!

Last week I worked out Sunday-Friday.  
Every day. Did not miss a single day!  These two can vouch for it! 

Sunday- upper fix
Monday- PiYo Sweat
Tuesday- Total Body Cardio Fix
Wednesday- Piyo Strength Intervals
Thursday- Upper Fix
Friday- PiYo Core
Saturday- "rest"

I was supposed to do legs Saturday, but I just didn't.

I WILL do it today though! ;)

Menu for the week:
This week I'm trying to keep it SIMPLE, as I have my scope Tuesday and we seem to be a little busy.  I found the newer site "Chef in Training" so I linked that below for a few recipes. 
I never made my tilapia last week and we did end up with a pizza Saturday night.  I like to over plan regardless, as we sometimes have our "dinners" as lunches because we are home all the time and some days Joe can come home and eat too!



I cannot believe what one little thing (working out each day) can do for my body.  More than anything, I think it's the self-discipline.  Once I told myself I had to sweat once a day, and likened it to a shower, it really became easier.  There are days I do not want to, but I just pushed through and made it happen.  No I don't have a six pack yet and really, this journey is more about my overall health and wellness. I just feel a lot better already, even with some tummy issues still happening.

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