Monday, February 8, 2016

Gimme all the Pink and Red Hearts!!

I love, love. I know it's silly, but the pink and red hearts just make my own heart skip a beat! We dined on some delicious little devils after a doctor's appointment last week.  We never eat donuts, so when we do?  You betcha they're gonna be pink and heart shaped!!

Speaking of food, I want to do this with the kids too! I think I can pull it off??  I have to go search for my cookie cutters.  Brooke would get a kick out of it I think!

I also want to do some little crafts this week:
I love the handprint in the heart. And the monkey?? Perfect for this new lunar new year!

I'm thinking if I feel daring enough, I'll let them dip their feet in the paint for this one!

For us big kids? I'll play up all my KEEP and style it red, pink, hearts & all the sparkles!

I have always adored rose quartz; I actually have four crystals up in our bedroom.  These are rose quartz stones are so beautiful and perfect to wear on a daily basis!  What you think about, you become.  ~Attract love~

Around the home?  I finally found my Valentine's bin! I don't have a ton, and I mostly bought decor when I had Brooke's 1st birthday (Pink cupcake themed!) so I decided the pink tulle and twinkle lights needed to come out again.   I never know what to do with that darn deer head??!

Our mantle.  I would like pink or red candles, so I maaaaay go take a little peek into Target later today for those.  The kids love the heart lights and I pulled out all of our gorgeous wedding photos.

I think I grabbed this at Jo-Ann's last year; I just loved the Victorian look/Paris theme.

Our littlest Valentine watching Daddy leave!

I'm pretty sure I got these in the Target dollar section too…I just love them!

Since Valentine's Day is on a Sunday, we scheduled a date night for Saturday & we'll all be home together Sunday.  I'm trying to think of a fancy recipe to do…Maybe we will do our pesto crusted lamb chops?  Scallops? Not sure.  Either way, I'm going to try to have hubby cook because that is always romantic.

V-Days past:
2014-- pretty sure we got our taxes done and I was on a cleanse, so I didn't even blog about it! haha

Do you have any fancy recipes you'll be making to celebrate your love?  Do you do something fun with your kids? I'd love to hear!

Stay beautiful xox


  1. The crafts for the kids are adorable! I just cut all of #babybigtrucks valentines for school!

    1. They look easy too!! Let me know if you try any!! Ohhh I cannot wait to make Valentine's for her school friends! Too cute.

  2. Eeeeppp! I love LOVE and Valentine's Day, too! The pink and red and hearts all make me so happy. I just love the decorations all throughout your house! My mom does that, too, and I think it makes the house feel so special and festive.

    Adam and I are making homemade pizzas and wings along with fancy cocktails this Saturday night (real classy, I know, but we love experimenting with pizza!). I think then we just want to rent a movie and spend the evening in together :)

    Hope you and the hubby have a great vday!!!

    1. Thank you so much! I'm glad I am not alone in my love in all the pink and red hearts! Your date night in sounds fantastic---I love pizza! Enjoy!!


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