Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Tuesday Tidbits

Happy Tuesday all!!

Have I mentioned how much I love the freaking sunshine?? Seriously, if you live in a place where it's 90% sunny, you are lucky!! Here in NY we will go days and days, no joke, without seeing the sun.  It's been popping its pretty little head out a lot more these days and I am so thankful.  Sure, it's still 25 degrees and freezing, but the sun makes me so happy!  So do white roses, so I bought myself some.

It could also be that I have worked out three days in a row! Woop woop!  I know some people may be like, oh wow 3 days, no big deal...but to me?   It's a big deal.  And I do believe there is a direct correlation with my mood and me working out.  The floors have a few crumbs, the laundry needs to be done, but I feel awesome and had such a fun day with my kids yesterday.

Showers are getting interesting, as he is all over the place! I let her use her "Ipeg" she calls it, and he usually empties my maxi pads, throws them all over, tries to dump something in the toilet and bangs on the shower door until I'm finished.  But this picture? Priceless.

I decided to take them to the Museum of Play since they love it there and we have the pass.

The hot wheels exhibit is all the rage...

He is obsessed with the dog's water at home, but since there was nothing in this one, he wasn't too  impressed with this one.

Brookie loved this Barbie house.  I felt bad because she would've stayed longer, but someone was on the move, so we had to wrap it up after awhile.

I'm really impressed with my ability to 'bob and weave' and Joe puts it.  I like to plan everything out in my head and be as organized as I can, but I have learned to make the most of everything.  Before he left for work yesterday morning he said, "If the kids are up for it, stop by after the museum."  Sounds totally innocent, but as a momma, you know exactly how long kiddos can go until they crash, how much food they'll need and when they'll need to eat!  So I packed up some lunch for all of us (including the butt of the bread pb & j for Joe--haha) and dairy free stuff for Bradley, reflux friendly for me, and toddler food for Brooke.

She likes to pretend she "goes to school" with the containers, especially the apple & peanut butter one. ;)

My guys!! How cute are they?

I couldn't tell if it was teeth or if baby boy was getting an ear infection.  He's all sorts of miserable, pulling at his ears, falling over when he walks, crying, and running a small fever.  He was up a lot last night and I wasn't going to take any risks so we went to the Dr this morning.

She said, and I quote, "It's just his teeth.  Good luck momma."  Which I get, I am happy it's not his ears, but man I feel terrible for the little dude!! Lots of extra snuggles and hugs...

So he fell asleep in the car as soon as we left, so Brooke and I drove around the lake and then went to grocery shopping and woke him up a little later.  He was actually in a better mood.

He still doesn't have much of an appetite and threw most of his lunch on the floor.  Man I miss Sadie lady!!

Which is why I'm dreaming of our new kitchen and how grateful I will be that the kids will not be in this messy baby stage!!

I made a random purchase at the grocery store---have you tried this before?  There was a $2 coupon and so it was $8.  I'm eager to see how well it works?!  I love a good mani, but I am lacking in the time department!!

That is all for today, my friends.  Stay beautiful!! xox


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    1. Right? I want to print it and frame it!! LOL

  2. That Essie topcoat is amazing! I bought it a few weeks ago and it amazes me each time I use it. It dries super fast and is very shiny.

    1. Ahhh yay! I'm so excited to try it during nap time!!


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