Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Mommy Moments

I just wanted to capture some of the photos from my phone on the blog.  We've done a few things in January like attend a friend's 4th birthday!

We had a playdate at the museum of play.

He loved Mr MacGregor's garden

They both had a ball in this old fashioned kitchen. I literally sat and watched them play--so fun!

We've had some cute photo moments...

He's such a ham.

And a future flirt.

We walked the mall and let off some steam at the play area.

We purchased baby boy's first kicks!! Size 6.

We've had some cuddles on the couch while we have all come down with some sickies.

He really prefers feeding himself, as messy as it is, it's pretty cute.  Enjoying some of mama's homemade chicken soup.

I had to document this because I don't think either of my kids have fallen asleep in the high chair.  He didn't sleep much the night before and I was desperately trying to get them both to nap the same time. He didn't make it the 5 more minutes.  Poor bubs.

So while the stomach sickies have subsided, we're still trying to kick these colds. Poor Joe has it really bad today and so I'm off to the grocery store to stock up on more soup ingredients! This house needs to be cleansed or something. No more illnesses please!

I'm thinking of trying these two:

We devoured this one the other day---so good!

Sometimes I question what my calling is, but today I feel confident that I am here to care for these beautiful souls.  I am not knocked down with this cold like them, so I am doing everything in my power to stay that way!! 

Sending much healing energy to everyone who may need it today..

Stay beautiful xox


  1. I swear...these two just get cuter and cuter! I love their precious curls!

    Sorry to hear you're all sick :( I hope the entire house starts to feel better soon! I'm sure those delicious soups will help speed things along.

    1. Thanks so much sweet girl!! I hope so too, they are just not getting better!!


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