Friday, February 17, 2017

Fashion Friday!

TGIF lovies!

I ended last week's style challenge of #redpinkweek and will definitely be doing another one next month.  LuLaRoe leggings were of course a staple, because, they're soft and cozy.

This one is hopping on for a few shots!  Valentine's Day she wore this adorable dress to school.

I had to run errands and such, so I wore my warm Northface zip up hoodie hubby bought me years ago.

I did however, make a little effort and dressed up a bit in a dress and kimono.  Also adoring my "J" Covet diamond necklace paired with my kids' initials.

Sweet girl had a quick outfit change because the above dress was for special occasions and she wanted to wear her pink dress with the heart.

She was so excited to help me bake Daddy's favorite cupcakes.

I got all dressed to go out Thursday evening and go to the mall with the kids, but decided to just stay home since Bradley still goes to bed at 7 and we wanted to take the kids out today. Love a black turtleneck sweater!!

If you haven't taken a quick look at our items on sale, you better do so!! There are some gorgeous pieces flying off the shelves left and right. Don't miss out! Shop here. 

That's all for today style babes!! TGIF!! 

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