Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Why I Love Valentine's Day

I'm not sure why some people dislike Valentine's Day so much.  I guess I can't see much wrong with spreading a little love.  Obviously companies can make money on this particular holiday, but that's no different than any other holiday we celebrate around here.

And I get it, when I was single I didn't exactly love being alone and hearing all about the wonderful things other couples got to do.  I can't imagine what it's like to be single now that Facebook has changed our world forever.

But I do believe we all go through things for specific reasons, and all of those lonely or even just terrible Valentine's Days make me appreciate the love I can share today.

As I took a romantic stroll last night with my chi-pin, I started listing in my head all of the reasons why I really do love this silly little holiday.

So, why is it that you love Valentine's Day? You might ask.

It's to receive a box of chocolate in a heartshaped box only to eat one before breakfast.

Because it reminds me that on a Tuesday, I can grocery shop for scallops, filet mignon and lobster tails, and not feel a bit bad.  Had we actually dined out on that, it would have been more than the grocery bill!

It's because I can pick up little fuzzy bears with hearts on them, for $6 and put a smile on the kids' faces.  I will tuck all of the Valentine's decor away soon, and it will all seem brand new again next year.

It's so that I can bake homemade vanilla cupcakes, (hubby's favorite) and decorate them with red or pink  frosting.

Don't forget the heart shaped sprinkles and the pink and purple glitter.

It's so that I can pick out my husband a mushy gushy, lovey dovey card and tell him how much I love him.

It's so that I can reach out and also hear from people that may not get to talk every day.

It's a fabulous excuse to wear more pink!

What's not to love about hearts?

It's building a fire to surprise your husband with, so he could enjoy it and not have to do it all.

It's extra "I love yous" all day long.

It's eating in courses so that the little ones munch on croissants and scallops so that by the main course, they're too full for steak and lobster, and let mommy and daddy have a peaceful, quiet and delicious dinner!! (Thank you for that gift Brooke & Bradley! So nice of you!)

It's taking time to enjoy the moment.  To stay off the phone, be in the present and not stress about jobs, money, adulting, life.

With anything, you can find the good in it, or you can dwell on the bad.

I hope that whether you were single, dating, or married, you found some time to love on yourself and your loved ones.

Sure we can and should celebrate love any and every day of the year, but to see everyone putting a little extra effort into yesterday's affairs, warms my heart just a little bit.

Here's a little look into our day.  I used Instagram Instastory again.

Did you do anything special for yourself or someone else?

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