Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Mommy Monday {yes, on a Tuesday}

Happy Tuesday friends!!

Yesterday I was so busy organizing and working on our taxes, thanks to a little help from my mother in law who played with the kids for the afternoon.

I am loving the extra sunshine around these parts.  It may only be in the 30's but when the sun is shining, life is so much better! I feel like Spring is trying so hard to come out and play.

I forgot to share a few blurry pictures from our Valentine's night.

The boys loved their cupcakes!

Last week I took the kids to an indoor play cafe and we had fun! It was nice to let them run and have free reign of the whole area.  It's amazing how much they've grown in the past few months.

There was a little kinetic sand table that they enjoyed.

Water play was a little wet, but they really loved it.

His hair was at the point where we really needed to cut it.

Little dude looked like an 80's hair band lead singer.

They split the most perfect grilled cheese sandwich and sat so well; I was super impressed!

Friday morning we headed to breakfast at a little diner, and since little man was all over the place, I said let's just do it.  Let's go get his haircut!!

So we did.

I'll spare you all the screaming and crying videos/photos, but the after photos are priceless.


Our little stud muffin.

Saturday brought warm weather and we took a little trip out for a trunk show; it was great that I could reconnect with my old babysitter, the kids played with a new little friend and I was able to work my biz!

Sunday was still pretty nice out, so they played on the back deck for a bit.

After naps I took them to a small playground, but it started to get chilly and windy pretty fast.

He of course found the puddles to jump and splash in.

It makes me wish Spring and Summer would hurry!

February always bring forth a bit of a funk for me; I wish I recognized it sooner, but unfortunately sometimes you just go and go and go, until you hit a wall.  I think it's a combination of the lack of sunshine, cold weather and just being cooped up.

I realized we haven't had many date nights scheduled and we seem to work a lot; and although we both enjoy working and it's fun to us, it's time to prioritize and put some real relaxation and time into us.  Plus having a two year old and a four year old doesn't always leave a lot of room for adult only conversations and such.  It's a big old balance with everything, but you have got to find what matters most and work on that. 

Next year I told Joe that we will book a vacation to some place warm for February break.  I don't care where, but we need to get out of town!  We are currently trying to find a place to stay in July, as we'd like to go to the ADK mountains again.  We stayed at a hotel both times before and were interested in trying a house, but I think we may have missed the boat on that one.  Most places are all booked up it seems!  I'm sure it will all work out, but this family of four needs some family time and to get away; it's been 2 years come July since we did that.

What do you do to help get out of February Funk?

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