Wednesday, February 1, 2017

You are a #girlboss

I've been going a mile a minute lately and there seems to be no stopping it now!! I'm constantly trying to find a consistent flow of my energy; I certainly played the victim a bit on Monday and compared myself to others...never good to do!!

I try to set reasonable goals, but man it's tough to get everything done alone! I do sometimes wish I had an assistant.  (Other than two curly hair cutie pies that follow me around all day!) But, I'm working with what I've got and I decided today, I'm going to literally write out my "done" lists.  Yup.  I need to stop and smell some essential oils and breathe.  I never give myself enough credit or toot my own horn, because, well? I don't want to be arrogant.  I don't want to become cocky.  But I think sometimes I go so far the other way and don't really see all that I do. So Jenn, when you're feeling down and like you don't do "enough" or aren't "where you think you should be" this blog post is for you.

You wake up every morning and walk the dog.
You iron Joe's clothes.
Bacon, eggs, juice, waffles etc.
You fuel yourself with clean foods and sip on green tea.
You are home with your children.
You wipe their noses, change their diapers, wash their hands and love them through every stinky second.
You fit in workouts when you can.
You get 5 million snacks out for the kids.
You clean all of the crumbs.
You wipe the floor down 3+ times a day.
You do all of the dishes, laundry, and cleaning. (no more house cleaner)
You do all of the grocery shopping.
The errand running, grabbing rent checks, depositing them, and keeping track of who paid etc. is mostly done by you.
You read books to the kids.
You count with the kids.
You listen to self-development books every day.
You play with playdough and paw patrol more times than you can count.
You've kissed sore bumped heads, broken up fights and made the littles smile so big, it hurts your heart.
Snuggling to sesame street after a boo boo happens.
You give the dog water all day long... ps buy a bigger dish!
You make lunches, and more snacks.
You clean up more messes.
You make a dinner that kids won't eat, and make more pbjs than you'd like to admit.
You give bath time and cut nails, and sing songs and read more books.
You cuddle and kiss and soothe.
You stay up and make a warm meal for your husband who works late into the evenings.
You hop online and do trunk shows.
You step outside of your comfort zone and try new things: hello juice cleanse.
You go to yoga classes.
You go to friends' houses to set up trunk shows and share the love of fashion with others.
You help other women feel confident and stylish when assisting them with their accessories.
You've helped others feel good with text messages, voice messages and shoutouts.
You alone are the sole person for your sister. 
You take her to meetings, you help her with things she needs help with and you make time for what is important.
You spend time with loved ones and celebrate birthdays.
You are the office manager for Fave Properties.
You're THE organizer. 
Your marriage is stronger than ever.
You're in better physical shape than before kids.
You're in a better emotional state than ever before.
You're strong. 
You're a tremendous role model for Brooke and setting a good example of what type of woman you'd like Bradley to fall in love with one day.

If that doesn't scream #girlboss I don't know what would.  Stop being so hard on yourself and give yourself some credit!!

You do all of these things, so that your husband can work his crazy long hours and provide monetarily for you and your family.  The more you keep everything else together, the better he can perform at work.  You're a team and you are a damn good one.

There are days when you want to stay in bed and read all day or lounge and be lazy, but you have big dreams, huge goals and lots of life to live. NEVER SETTLE.

So while you may not be able to say you've financially supported the family nearly as much as your husband, you are the one that keeps this family together. You make this house a home, create a loving and safe place for friends and family to be together.  Your two year old may not be eating as many vegetables as you'd like or as much protein, but he's healthy and thriving. 

So if you're struggling with a negative voice that won't quit, tell it to shut up and list all of your attributes.  What are all of the things you do well that give you your best life?

PS I totally thought about not posting this, but you know what? If this helps one other woman feel more confident in herself, and stop feeling bad about what she isn't or doesn't do, then I feel like I've done a little bit of good.  Plus I feel better now. xo


  1. This freakin rocked!!!! I am so proud of you for going on a positive rant!!! We tend to forget what super women we are! Rock on girlie!

  2. I agree with Cathy! Loved this! And love you mama!����

  3. You are a bass ass momma snd wife. You are woman roarrrrrr!


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