Monday, February 6, 2017

Happy Monday! [weekend rewind]

Oh my gosh, weekends just fly right by, do they not?!  I always say that my weekend starts on Thursdays, since Joe has off Fridays.  He actually got out a little early Thursday since he worked three bell to bells in a row (end of month) and Thursday I was able to sneak out of the house for some work/girl time.  My sweet friend Cathy had a trunk show and we had so much fun!!

This scarf was a hit!  Since I didn't post for my #fashionfriday I figured I'd share a few looks quickly here.

Look at all the ways you can style this little guy!

 I just had a ball styling her friends, catching up with Cathy and chatting about all things in #momlife.  If getting out of the house and filling my cup while earning a little extra money happens, I call that a total win!!  It was just what I needed and I really am grateful for this little gig.  Cathy works full time and does Tastefully Simple, so she's even busier than me, so our schedules make it so hard to connect.  I am blessed to have her in my tribe of strong women!  Thanks again Cathy for letting me into your heart & home!!

Friday I felt a little guilty because I had to run out first thing in the morning for my hair appointment.  It was a beautiful morning full of sunshine and a green tea latte. {ps. loving the pink sleeves Starbucks!}

Cathy also suggested I try the Garden Guacamole starter--it's part of their eat well line--aka no garbage ingredients. Makes avocado toast bomb!

Friday evening we have dance class and it is at THE WORST time of day ever.  6:15 on a Friday.   didn't think it would be so hard to get her here at this time, but man it's right during the dinner/weekend rush and it's tricky.  We love it and we made it happen.  So excited that she got to try on her costume! about Valentine's Day is coming right up?!  Our Covet diamonds are so pretty and the perfect way to say I love you...or I love myself.

I'm so proud of my bestie Ann too; she just started with Lip Sense. If you haven't tried it, you simply must!! It's like a lip gloss, but the color is like a lipstick and IT LASTS for hours.  No more kissing it off, getting it on cups and straws. I'm obsessed.  I just got some Diamond Glitter gloss for days when I want to sparkle a little extra!  Join her VIP Group: Ann Gets Lippy on Facebook.

As for Super Bowl Sunday?

We hung out at home.  Little dude & I have a slight cold; nothing major, just the annoying tickle in throat/cough, runny nose and feeling blah.  Lots of laps in the Cozy Coupe for him.

A little bubbly & OJ helped me feel better...

We did some errands, checking on rentals, depositing rent checks, and grabbing a latte.  I am obsessed with these $35 boots. I needed something that kept my feet warm and dry and that go on quickly.  They tie up, but they have zippers on the side. With a pair of cozy socks, these are the best!

I made some homemade bread, which was so good!

Braised Beef Shanks were amazing too...I forgot to take a final photo, but I did tomato sauce, onion, carrot, celery, red wine...the house smelled so good!

I did a silly attempt at football pizza for the kids.  It looked cuter before the cheese got all squished. They enjoyed it regardless!

We had so much fun watching the kids dance during the half time show and I enjoyed watching the game, especially towards the end!! Joe fell asleep and I woke him up because I had a feeling it would be rather epic.

Oh, and in other news?  Thanks so much to everyone who shopped the Mystery Hostess Show.  I had over $300 in rewards to give away, and my girl Rachel won them!! I am so excited to see what she spoils herself with.  Crazy!!

Have a stylish week friends!

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