Friday, April 20, 2012

Fitness Friday-Weight LOsS

Sorry for the late post--
Today I helped my lil sis find the perfect dress
for her bachelorette party!
We got it at Arden B & I love love love it!
It will be wonderful to wear on the cruise too.
I wanted to do a brief update on my fitness goals.
I hate to use the term, "weight loss" but I am focusing on being healthy.
The scale has finally tipped, and I have lost 6 lbs. 
While I am not where I want to be quite yet, I am celebrating
the fact that I feel so much better, my body is firming up, my clothes fit nicer & 
my bikinis don't seem so scary!!
I attribute these 6 pounds to a few things...
  • eating smaller cleaner meals throughout the day
  • no mindless snacking
  • NEVER eating fast food. Ever
  • Rarely drink pop/diet sodas...can't remember the last time
  • listening to my body
  • drinking water before I eat, to see if I'm just dehydrated
  • eating healthier foods like egg whites & green beans 
  • I only drink water, coffee, tea (during day)
  • I'm still eating carbs, but I eat way more salads/veggies first & fill up on them
  • working out 4-5 times a week & logging workouts HERE
  • I drink smoothies every other day w/ spinach
  • everything in moderation
  • being kind to myself
  • allowing treats like dark chocolate
  • I surround myself with positive people live a healthy lifestyle
AKA My favorite fitness/healthy bloggers:
These are just a few!
I'm not sure they're even aware at how inspiring they are,
but they make me want to be a healthier woman.
Whether it's through texting, tweeting, blogging, instagram, HeyTell, these women
put themselves (their health) first and the importance of why we need to be healthy!
They never speak negatively about how they look, they simply do 
the best they can and share their secrets to feeling & looking good.
Attitude is everything!
I also appreciate my real life friends Alison who pushes me to workout 
(even when I want to spend the night in drinking wine!)
and Ann (who rocked her two piece recently!)
who checks in on me regularly.
I believe these homemade protein bars
have helped immensely!
I wasn't going to bother putting them on the blog, 
but a lot of people asked me 
about the "recipe" so I figured I'd just share!
I think they taste better than Luna or Cliff..
and I made them!
 What's in them: (organic)
-steel cut oats (gluten free)
-almond butter
-chocolate chips
-dried cranberries
-vanilla whey protein
-chia seeds
I just melted the almond butter & added honey, stirred in the rest
Wax paper in a square pan, squished it all down & stuck in the fridge
1/2 hour later cut into squares & individually wrap in wax paper
Veggie Wrap:
-whole wheat tortilla
-1 Roma tomato
-handful of spinach
-1 slice of cheese
-honey mustard dressing
 I really like Bethenny Frankel's books on health too.
She talks about your calories are like your bank account.
So, if I eat a lot or feel like I ate too much, I'll make sure to work it off....
Thank you My Fitness Pal
If I don't really feel like working out, I'll be a little extra cautious about
what I'm putting into my mouth.
She also says that you can have it all, just not all at once.
So, if I really want a burger & fries, I'll get it bunless.
If I didn't have too many carbs already, I may splurge.
It's all give and take.
I feel so much better putting the right foods into my mouth.

I definitely enjoyed some Bacon Pasta last night, pinot noir, & a huge salad.
Today I've made sure to stick to a smoothie, Ahi tuna salad, & healthy snacks.
I'll probably have another salad for dinner.
I absolutely love fruits & veggies, so I'm just being more aware of eating them
and not chips, crackers, too much cheese, etc.
I like fitting into a small & feeling great in it too!!
 And of course,
 Holly needed a photo opp.
Any questions ladies?
Any other tips?!
I'm all ears!!
Have a great weekend.


  1. i love that maxi dress on you girl the colors are gorgeous. you better post a photo of the dress you are wearing from arden b and congrats on loosing the 6 lbs and making health a priority in your life!! it definitely pays off :-)

  2. Another post that proves you're my taller, blonder twin sister! I've read Bethenney Frankel's "Naturally Thin" about 5 times. She writes like she's your best friend, and her advice is so doable and empowering.

    Congrats on your weight loss! I mean, getting healthier. :) And thank you so much for the shout out. I love reading your blog too.

    Have a fabulous weekend!

  3. What a great post!! You are sweet. Nice work on the 6lbs! You rock. You inspire me too, so thank you!! I love all your tips, so true. I also always have hot water with lemon first thing in the morning. :) I heard its good to flush out your system. Have a great weekend. You are beautiful inside and out.

  4. I am so glad you included the bar recipe! I will def make those! You have a great attitude about fitness and being healthy. That dress looks great on you!

  5. Oh i can't wait to try that bar!!! I have made it though a whole weekend and said no thank you to a steak dinner!! I weigh in monday and i'm so excited!! any pounds loss will be GREAT!! I love posts like these they help me to keep going ... I have been looking at your recommended blogs and i love them too!! thanks for the encouragement!!:)

  6. Healthy food makes me so happy! Love all of these pics! Congrats on your progress!

  7. Congratulations on your progress! You are doing awesome. I'm definitely trying to live a healthier lifestyle. While I'm not trying to lose any weight I am trying to eat better and get in a little more exercise then I used to. The veggie wrap looks so good. This would make a great lunch! Thanks for sharing your tips :)


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